Baby Born with 10% Chance of Survival Weighed Less Than a Loaf of Bread, but Look at Her Now

basic loaf of bread baby isla

A miracle baby born with a 10 percent chance of survival weighed less than a basic loaf of bread at birth. But just look at her now!

When Lauren learned she was having a little girl; she envisioned pink bows, chubby cheeks, and cute shoes. At her 20-week ultrasound, she dreamed, hoped, and prayed what the day of her daughter's birth would be like. But she never expected to go into labor a mere three weeks later.

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At 23 weeks of pregnancy, her child had a 10 percent chance of living. Lauren's hopes and dreams seemed to be slipping from her hands.

The journey to motherhood is often filled with the unexpected. No matter how much faith we have, it's hard to embrace the unknown and the unexpected. But God held this family in his mighty hands through it all despite Isla being born as a micro preemie.

Baby Born Weighing Less Than Basic Loaf Of Bread

A preemie is a child born before 37 weeks of pregnancy and weighing less than two pounds. Isla weighed a mere 535 grams which is about 1.18 pounds. That’s less than a basic loaf of bread!

"She looked so small and fragile like she would snap at the slightest bit of movement. I was so worried, but I knew my baby girl was a fighter," Lauren said.

God designed babies to grow in the womb, but he's given us the technology to help advance the life of preemies too. Isla lived in the NICU before Lauren was finally able to hold her at six weeks old. Finally, this sweet mama and her precious baby girl could meet each other officially.

I can't imagine the depths of joy Lauren felt when she was able to hold Isla for the first time. Since that moment, Isla has grown and thrived. She defied all odds. And now she's going home!

"It felt like she'd never make it, but to see her now is like a miracle," her mom said. After four moments in the NICU, Lauren had grown to over eight pounds, and she was discharged to go home. It is so like God to take something as small as a mustard seed and help it bloom, blossom, grow and defy all the odds. What a precious little miracle.

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"The Lord kept his word and did for Sarah exactly what he had promised. She became pregnant, and she gave birth to a son for Abraham in his old age" Genesis 21:1-2

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