Foster Mom Of Baby Born Addicted To Drugs Sees Things Differently

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Foster Mom Takes In A Baby Born Addicted To Drugs

Jamie said a prayer as she headed into the hospital to pick up her newest foster child — a 4-week-old baby boy. His biological mother was a drug addict. As a result, the infant was born addicted to drugs, too. He spent his first few weeks of life fighting off intense withdrawals. But what Jamie says about the ‘woman who did this to him’ isn’t what you’d expect!

godupdates foster mom of baby born addicted to drugs forgives bio mom fb

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The ‘Woman Who Did This To Him’

When Jamie showed up at the hospital, the nurses warned her that her foster son’s biological mother had shown up expecting to take her baby home. This sent Jamie reeling.

"She is upset? She did this to him, and she's been off on the street since, while he's here, alone and suffering. What right does she have to be upset?" Jamie thought to herself.

She considered the painful withdrawals the poor baby experienced. She focused on how this tiny baby was fighting for his life.

“He shouldn't have even been born yet and already this woman had harmed him. She had no right to be upset,” Jamie thought.

Jamie sat down with the medical supply trainer to receive the special training required for a baby born addicted to drugs. And he shared something with Jamie that totally changed her view of her foster son’s biological mom.

The trainer explained how he’d reviewed all of the training information with the biological mother the previous night.

“This is the packet I went through when I trained mom last night." he explained to Jamie. "We did all the training and pre-discharge work last night. They tell me she's been here with him every day."

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A Different View

As it turned out, the boy’s mom had come to the hospital every day. And in hearing this revelation, God laid something fierce on Jamie’s heart.

“At that moment, I didn't see her as an addict. I didn't see her as the villain who had hurt her son. I saw her as a mother. A mom.”

Jamie explains later in her post, this woman wasn’t ready yet. She wasn’t the mom her son needed. But that didn’t mean she didn’t love him.

The boy’s biological mom had come every day to see him. She’d completed the two hours of special training to learn how to care for him. His mother picked outfits for him and dreamed of taking him home.

She wasn’t ready yet, but she wanted to be. She wanted to change, and God’s amazing grace can work miracles on an open heart.

“And as I remembered that ‘but by the grace of God I am what I am,’ I would lift her up before this God who gives grace,” Jamie said. “I would stand before the God who loves us both, who created this child and placed him in this mother's womb, and I would pray for his mom.”

Hear Jamie tell the full story on her blog, Foster the Family, HERE.

It’s not easy to pray for those who’ve hurt us. It’s often even hard to pray for those who’ve hurt someone we love. Jamie’s compassion is a beautiful example of loving like Christ. What an inspiration!

“For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people.” Titus 2:11

A foster mom shares the incredible bond that formed between the kid she almost gave up on!


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