Miracle Baby Weighing As Much As A Loaf Of Bread Overcomes Brain Bleed

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Millie Mirfin of the UK is certainly blessed. Her pregnancy got rocky around 19 weeks, and she delivered her baby boy at just 25 weeks. The infant was so tiny, he fit into just one hand and weighed as much as a loaf of bread. Doctors didn’t have high hopes for his survival or quality of life. But this miracle baby survived a brain bleed and defied all the odds, leaving doctors stunned!

godupdates jenson miracle baby survived a brain bleed fb

Credit: Millie Mirfin/Youtube

At 19 weeks, UK mom Millie Mirfin started having troubles with her pregnancy. By 25 weeks, she was in labor, and things weren’t looking good.

"I became very ill and doctors thought I might have sepsis after my waters broke, which meant they had to induce me,” she recalls.

But because of the condition Millie was in, doctors couldn’t perform a c-section. They warned the scared mom that she was their priority.

“The doctors said there was probably nothing they could do and would only attend to the baby if it showed signs of breathing,” she said.

The news terrified Millie and her husband, Dave, but they remained hopeful for a miracle. And that’s just what God sent!

Miracle Baby Survived A Brain Bleed

Sweet Jenson came into the world weighing about as much as a loaf of bread — 1 pound, 4 ounces. But the tiny warrior came in fighting, shocking doctors by breathing all on his own.

"He really was so small – he could fit into my hand he was that small," Millie said.

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Seeing just how tiny and vulnerable their son was only worried Millie more. But God had His hand all over this little one.

Soon after his birth, Jenson developed bleeding on the brain. The amazing medical staff was able to get things under control. But even though the miracle baby survived a brain bleed, doctors warned it would have lasting side effects. They expected the little boy to be disabled, and said he would likely need a wheelchair.

The doctor’s expectations were scary. When the time came to take their precious boy home, Millie and Dave hoped for the best, but couldn’t help but fear the worst. But they were in for quite a surprise!

Defying All The Odds

As little Jenson continued to grow, there were very few signs of the brain bleed.

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Credit: Millie Mirfin/SWNS

“We thought he would have right-sided weakness and [he] dragged his right leg behind him but then he suddenly overcame that,” Millie said.

As the days, weeks and months went by, Jenson amazed everyone.

"We were always told with the brain bleed that he might be weaker and not have as good motor skills,” Millie gushed. "I don’t know what happened, he’s just completely normal."

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What happened is divine healing! God clearly has big plans for this little angel. And each day, Jenson defies the odds.

Amazed by his remarkable progress, Millie put together a touching video showing her son’s journey. And each day brings new blessings!

“Over the last month, Jenson has walked and talked,” Molly said. “It’s amazing and we are over the moon how far he has come.”

WATCH: Miracle Baby Survived A Brain And Makes Incredible Recovery

We pray this little boy just keeps growing strong and showing God’s glory through his amazing story!

“Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.” Psalm 30:2

h/t: Daily Mail

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