Mom Plans Her Baby’s Funeral While Pregnant And Then Gets A Miracle

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Shelly and Rob Wall should have been looking forward to their son’s birth. Instead, they were picking out a coffin. Doctors said their son, Noah, had little chance of surviving birth. Even if he did, they assured the couple his mental and physical disabilities would be severe. But this miracle boy born with virtually no brain function not only survived, he recovered far beyond what doctors ever thought possible!

When doctors discovered that Noah had developed hydrocephalus in the womb, they urged his parents to abort. The condition causes excess fluid to build up, pushing the brain against the skull which damages the tissue. Doctors said Noah’s chance of survival was slim, and severe brain damage was inevitable.

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Despite the grim prognosis, Shelly and Rob refused to abort. They’d wait and see what God had in store for their little one.

Miracle Boy Born With Virtually No Brain

Things didn’t get much better. By the time Noah was born, the condition had destroyed 98 percent of his brain. He also had spinal bifida, a birth defect affecting the spine. But the story of this miracle boy born with virtually no brain function is an example of why faith is so important!

The fact that Noah survived birth already defied odds. But with only 2 percent brain function, doctors didn’t have very high expectations for the boy. But God was at work. Not only did Noah continue to survive, but as he grew his brain continued to develop — something doctors didn’t think possible.

By two years old, Noah’s abilities stunned everyone. He could sing, sit up straight and even play games on the computer. And his amazing progress just continued.

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A Continued Miracle

Now four years old, Noah can talk, trace the letters of his name and count to ten. He even attends school one day a week. In fact, his recovery is so incredible his story is featured in a BBC documentary called ‘The Boy With No Brain.'

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Credit: Caters News Agency

“I was planning his funeral while I was pregnant – I could never have imagined this incredible day would come,” Shelly said.

Because of his spinal bifida, Noah is confined to a wheelchair and has a few other related health issues. But as for his brain, he’s astonished doctors by making nearly a full recovery. Scans show that over the last four years, Noah has gone from having only 2 percent brain tissue to 80 percent!

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Noah’s brain when he was born, filled with fluid and hardly any healthy tissue (left). Noah’s brain now, which is nearly back to normal (right) Photo credit: Caters News Agency

As for Noah’s parents, they are worrying less about what doctors say Noah will never do.

“Noah will show us exactly what he’s capable of and just what he wants to do in life,” his mom said. “He’s so determined and we’re so proud.”

This little miracle is exactly the reason why faith is so important. What man said was impossible, God made possible!

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Featured Image Credit: Caters News Agency

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