Pregnant Woman in Coma Thought Permanent Gives Birth & Then Wakes to Meet Miracle Baby

pregnant woman in coma

An accident left a pregnant woman in a coma from which doctors never expected her to wake. Miraculously, though, she delivered a baby and then astonished everyone by waking up a few months later!

Police officer Amelia Bannan of Argentina was 5 months pregnant when a horrible accident left her lifeless. Her husband, Christian, was driving. While he and the four other officers in the vehicle fared well, Amelia suffered a skull fracture.

The head trauma caused a blood clot in her brain. And the clot put her into a coma doctors fully expected to be permanent. But our God is a God of miracles!

Pregnant Woman In A Coma Delivered A Baby

Amelia may have been in a coma, but at least she was alive. It allowed doctors to perform a c-section.

And so, on Christmas Eve 2016, the pregnant woman in a coma delivered a baby. Her family chose the name Santino, which means “little saint.”

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Doctors held no hope for Amelia to recover, but thankfully her baby was doing well. Her sister, Norma, helped take care of Santino and brought the precious baby to see his mom nearly every day. Amelia’s family regularly visited, too.

Sometimes Amelia would stir, and everyone hoped and prayed she’d wake up. And then, one day, God sent another miracle!

Amelia’s family was visiting and the room was quiet as they fed Santino a bottle. Then, the silence was broken by a low “yes.”

Astonished, everyone turned to see the low voice had come from Amelia! Her brother, Cesar, tested to see if Amelia was really awake and responding. So, he told her:

“Amelia, if you understand me, stick out your tongue.”

And when she stuck out her tongue, the whole room witnessed a miracle! Norma, her sister, threw herself on top of Amelia, weeping tears of joy.

Miraculous Recovery

Given the extent of her head injuries, doctors remained skeptical regarding the potential for Amelia to improve. But Santino has continued to visit his mother every day. And it’s been better than any medicine doctors could give her.

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Amelia has been able to remember everything from before becoming a pregnant woman in a coma, including the accident. At first, she could only say “yes” or “no.” But each day she improved, amazing her doctors.

"She keeps surprising us," neurosurgeon Marcelo Ferreira says.

Amelia has worked hard in therapy. Soon, her speech improved. Then, she started being able to move her limbs. Now she’s even walking again!

Cesar even stood by his sister’s side as she was honored by the police department.

“The doctors said that Amelia has defied all scientific logic, that her case is truly a miracle,” said her brother Cesar, who is also a cop.

What a beautiful testament to God’s healing powers! We pray for Amelia’s continued recovery.

h/t: Metro

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