An Accident Left Him With Paralyzed Vocal Cords But Bay Turner Fought His Way Back And Stuns

paralyzed vocal cords bay turner story

After overcoming paralyzed vocal cords, Bay Turner shows up on America’s Got Talent and stuns the judges with his fully restored voice!

Bay Turner knows he was put on this earth to entertain and to make people feel something with his voice. Even if he currently works a ‘boring' job as a legal assistant. But there's more to him than meets the eye, and his story is incredible.

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When doctors diagnosed Bay with cancer, they needed to perform surgery to remove the tumors found in order to save his life. Having faith that God put him on this earth for the purpose of singing, Bay knew God would help him overcome this life crisis.

But the surgery didn't go as expected. The anesthesiologist accidentally nicked his vocal cords, causing them to become paralyzed. Suddenly his dreams of singing at sold-out shows looked as though it would slip through his fingers.

Bay Turner Overcomes Paralyzed Vocal Cords

But Bay didn't give up. He worked extensively to regain the use of his vocal cords. Not just to talk but also to sing. Bay said he pulled himself up by his bootstraps and put in the extra hard work in order to begin dreaming of singing once again.

He then found himself auditioning for America's Got Talent and you won't believe what happens next. He sang so powerfully and beautifully that he showcased the variety and range of octaves that his voice can hit. It was absolutely jaw-dropping. He not only received a standing ovation, but he also received a Yes from all four judges making his dream come true.

The best part was watching Bay hug his mother after his audition, who had been his anchor and cheerleader throughout his incredible journey to get where he is today.

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We can't wait to hear more from this young and incredibly talented man. He is living proof we can do all things for God's glory if we keep the faith and continue to trust God no matter where life takes us. We hope you were inspired by his audition and Bay's story today!

WATCH: Bay Turner Stuns In AGT Audition After Having Paralyzed Vocal Cords

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