Baby Girl Has A Good Time Seeing Her Reflection While Looking In A Mirror

godupdates beautiful baby girl stares at herself

A beautiful baby girl stares at her reflection and really love what she sees. And this teaches us a valuable lesson about the way we view ourselves too.

This beautiful baby girl is so engaged in her reflection and she gives us a whole new meeting of what it means to celebrate the way God made us. When I watched this video, I immediately thought about Psalm 139:14 which states that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

God created us so intricately and we really show off how marvelous and how amazing He is. And we should rejoice in that truth! And that is what I see this beautiful little baby doing. This adorable baby girl is sitting on the fur rug right in front of the mirror admiring herself.

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Her face lit up, just like everyone else's does when they see her. She is so precious, and she is getting a kick out of her heart-melting reflection too! She can't use her words yet, but she is expressing herself with the cutest giggles and coos. The adorable baby is filled with so much joy and it is just beaming from her precious face.

We can follow her example and rejoice in being God's creation. You may not have the time to sit in front of a mirror but take a moment to celebrate you! Praise God for creating us in His marvelous image!

WATCH: Beautiful Baby Girl Stares At Herself In The Mirror

Credit: Rumble/Mywombdripsgold

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