Here Are The Best Dolly Parton Songs According To The Legend Herself & What They Mean To Her

best dolly parton songs

Everyone has their own opinions on the best Dolly Parton songs. But the country legend herself weighed in on the topic during an interview on the Stephen Colbert Show, sharing a few of her favorite songs and what they mean to her.

"Well my very favorite song, from a very personal level, is the ‘Coat of Many Colors,'" Dolly tells Stephen Colbert during a recent interview.

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"It's kind of a little signature song of mine,” she explains, “and it's more than just about a little coat. It's about the mom, it's about family, it's about acceptance, it's about tolerance, and it even speaks to's ok to be different. We are who we are, and we need to accept and love each other."

What Songs Means To Dolly

Dolly Parton then goes on to talk about one of her most famous songs.

"All singers love to have a song that you can sing tender and then you can go big, if you want to," she says. "You can sing loud or show how much volume you have, and how much range and all. So, I would think that the ‘I Will Always Love You' song is really good for that, because I can sing it little or I can sing it big."

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All in all, Dolly Parton shares that she really just loves when a song tells a story. And she has a new book out called ‘Songteller: My Life in Lyrics.'

"What a wonderful, deeply decent, and amazingly talented human being," someone writes on YouTube after watching this interview with Stephen Colbert. "Dolly has made the world a better place for decades. May God bless, protect, and keep her safe. We need Dolly and her beautiful heart and music more than ever."

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Dolly Parton is a treasure to so many people, and her music is beloved all around the world. May she continue to shine her light wherever she goes and give people a reason to smile!

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