Dolly Parton And Christian Artists Sing A Faith Medley Together At CMA Awards

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Legendary country singer Dolly Parton took the stage at the 2019 Country Music Association awards and performed a wonderful faith-based medley for the audience.

For decades, Dolly Parton has been a staple in the country music world. She made a name for herself as a positive personality that never holds back. Dolly has been upfront about her upbringing, plastic surgery and signature outfits and hairstyles.

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She's given us iconic hits such as ‘Jolene' and ‘I Will Always Love You.' And through it all, Dolly knows that there is only one reason for her success and that is God. As she grows older, Dolly knew it was time to use her platform to spread the Lord's message.

That's when she came across the song ‘God Only Knows' from the Christian duo For King And Country. "I had just told my manager how I was going to go into doing more inspirational music and it was just like God said ‘Okay, why don't you sing on this song.' I just had this great feeling about it that this was a good song for now, for people."

Dolly Parton Performs With For King And Country

After recording the track, it quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. Since then, Dolly has also teamed up with Zach Williams, another popular Christian artist, for a duet of ‘There Was Jesus.'

Now, she's taking these worship songs to the big stage with a special performance at the 2019 CMA Awards. Just listen as she belts out the words to these touching gospel songs that sing of hope and God's love.

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Joined by For King And Country and Zach Williams, the performance garnered thousands of views online. This faith-filled medley is truly inspiring and I hope we continue to hear more like this from this country superstar.

WATCH: Dolly Parton Sings A Faith Medley With Christian Artists At CMA Awards

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