Best Little Brother Ever Helps Sister With Special Needs Make A Slam Dunk And It’s The Sweetest

best little brother ever slam dunk

The best little brother ever, Tomas MacCurtain, shouts encouragement as he helps his sister Abby, who suffers from Leigh’s disease, slam dunk a basketball. And we could all use a cheering section this powerful!

Leigh’s disease, a severe neurological disorder, greatly limits Abby MacCurtain’s mobility.

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"She has low tone in her core, so she can't sit up unassisted. She can't talk, she's nonverbal," Abby’s mom, Heidi MacCurtain, said. "But she's cute as a button."

Abby may have some special needs, but she is a living, breathing miracle.

After diagnosing Abby with Leigh’s disease at 9 months old, the doctors didn’t expect her to live much longer than 2 years. But at age 9, she is defying everyone’s expectations. And she’s got the best little brother right by her side, cheering her on the whole way!

Huge Blessing For Abby MacCurtain

The MacCurtain family has received a lot of support from their community. In fact, a group of Good Samaritans came together and renovated the family’s 3-bedroom home in 2019.

The home improvement project involved widening the entrance hallways, installing a paved ramp up to the front door, moving the laundry room to the basement to make room for a wheelchair-accessible shower, knocking down low-weight-bearing walls for more space, and creating a room where Abby could receive her medical care. A local construction company worked with a local non-profit so there would be no cost to the MacCurtain family.

“It's a life-changer,” Heidi said of the amazing act of kindness. “It helped us maximize our house in the day-to-day. So, Abby is able to do a lot more in her own home.”

The renovation was a huge blessing for the family. And perhaps one of the greatest gifts from the home improvement is that it gave Abby MacCurtain plenty of room to play with her little brother, Tomas.

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"It's very rewarding," Heidi said. "You mourn the life you wanted for your child, but to watch them engage in normal sibling things and watch them get enjoyment, it's special."

And seeing these two sweet siblings playing together ended up making the family from Plymouth, Massachusetts go viral!

Support From The Best Little Brother

It’s not just the community rallying to support Abby MacCurtain. One of her biggest encouragers is her little brother, Tomas.

Having Leigh’s disease means the 9-year-old girl can’t run and play the same way other kids her age do. But even though her mobility may be limited, that doesn’t stop Tomas, age 7, from playing with and cheering on his beloved sister!

In a precious video from the Friends of Abby Mac Facebook page, Abby’s dad filmed the two during one of their play sessions. In it, Tomas is helping Abby make a slam dunk with a basketball.

Abby sits in her wheelchair, holding the basketball in her hands while grinning ear to ear. Meanwhile, the best little brother ever holds the basketball hoop so his sister can reach it. The best part, though, is Tomas’ sweet voice as he cheers his sister on.

“Abby, throw it in the hole,” he instructs, followed by the most enthusiastic refrain of, “You can do it!”

Tomas claps and cheers joyfully after Abby puts the basketball through the hoop. And seeing these two loving siblings interact could put a smile on anyone’s face!

What a kind heart this little boy has. And what a blessing for Abby to have the best little brother ever!

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