Groom’s Jaw Drops As Best Man Speech from Brother Brings Forth a Shocking Confession

best man speech from brother

At a wedding, it can be quite common to hear a best man speech from a brother and sometimes they have interesting things to share. In the case of this wedding, the best man shares a shocking confession! One that stunned the groom!

The story begins when the best man is eight years old. Dave, the groom, has his friend Mark come over so they can play paintball. The brother, being a couple of years younger than them, asks to play too.

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The Look On the Groom’s Face Was Priceless When He Heard the Word Paintball

As soon as the brother said the word “paintball” the groom got the weirdest look on his face. As if he knew what was coming.

Back to the story. Dave and Mark shut him down. But he went to get his stuff anyway. However, they left without him.

So The Truth Comes Out

So what does the brother do? “So I picked up a couple of Mark’s paintballs and I threw them against the house next door.” As soon as Dave heard this, he points and says, “Wait, wait wait. Are you serious?” and then “I got in so much trouble for that!”

So the truth of that day comes out, 20 years later, in a best man speech from a brother. Back then, no one believed Mark and Dave even though they tried to tell the truth.

As the story goes on, the brother goes on to say, “I knew I was gonna have to tell eventually but boy was I really wanting to watch TV that day.” He also says that this story was his wedding gift to his brother.

I guess he never did tell the truth, at least not until this moment.

Others Share Their Own Shocking Confessions

In the comments, others share their sibling stories:

“I was 5 & ate all the cereal stored on the fridge. Siblings got punished. Parents said she's too little to reach. I'm 58, never told anyone. 😂”

“My brother in law confessed to breaking the wood stove glass when they were kids at Hubs and my rehearsal dinner 😂 Father in law yelled “I knew it!!”🤣”

“This reminds me of the time I was mad at my sister and I wrote her name on the wall in crayon 😂😂😂”

WATCH: Best Man Speech From Brother Reveals the Truth

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As you can tell in the video, these brothers seem to have a good relationship these days. Growing up with siblings can be challenging but being able to be friends as adults is priceless. You have so many stories you can tell and maybe some that you probably shouldn’t.

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And be you kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven you.” –Ephesians 4:32

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