Man At Brother’s Grave Reveals Dangers Of Bullying

Dangers Of Bullying Revealed at Brother's Grave

I think each and every one of us has either been a victim of bullying or witnessed a bullying attack sometime in our lives. It's a horrible epidemic that seems to be becoming more and more common, especially in our schools. Our news is filled with heartbreaking stories about students losing their lives because of bullying and it's a trend that needs to stop. When he lost his own brother, one man knew he had to speak out about the dangers of bullying.

This man knows the dangers of bullying, and he's putting out a tearful message to bring awareness to this growing problem. Standing in a cemetery, we learn that this man lost his brother when they were children. Their parents were deaf, so both children had a difficult time learning English, since their first language was sign language. Bullies at school always made fun of this man's brother because he talked funny, but he had a very good friend that would stand up for him.

Sadly, that best friend moved away and this man's brother was left with just the bullies to try and play with. When his brother was only eight years old, he went out to the lake with a group of bullies and, ultimately, he drowned.

His brother's death left a hole in this man's heart, but he knew that he needed to bring awareness to the subject of bullying those who are deaf or children of deaf adults. Even though this may be difficult to watch, this man truly brings up an important issue. Together, we can all make the world a better place for the next generation.

WATCH: Man Reveals Dangers of Bullying from His Brother’s Grave


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