Best Response Ever From Dick Van Dyke Over Mary Poppins Dance Routine

best response ever

The best response ever was given by Dick Van Dyke after he watched others perform a ‘Mary Poppins’ dance routine.

There are only a couple of entertainers who are thoroughly beloved by basically everyone. Betty White, John Wayne, Michael Landon, James Stewart, Loretta Lynn, and Fred Rogers all belong in that exclusive category. However, sadly, all of those mentioned have since passed away. But the work they left behind is still enjoyed by legions of fans.

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The only people in entertainment who garner that level of universal love and admiration who are still alive are Carol Burnett and Dick Van Dyke. Despite being in their 90s, both remain fairly active, popping up on television from time to time.

Best Response Ever By Dick Van Dyke

Much like them, their work is also cherished and beloved. Who doesn't love The Carol Burnett Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show? You'd have to work hard to find someone who does not enjoy one of those programs.

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In addition to his legendary television sitcom, Dick has other notable works. He has appeared in several iconic and beloved films. The musicals "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and "Mary Poppins" immediately come to mind.

In a clip posted on YouTube from a program celebrating Dick's marvelous and legendary career, entertaining the masses with his charm, wit and boatload of talent, he was treated to a dance routine from "Mary Poppins." The dancers recreated the rooftop dance routine as Dick looked on with joy and glee. He was clearly tickled to death to watch the performers recreate the number from the 1964 film.

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Following their performance, Dick praised the dancers and said it reminded him of how much he enjoyed making the film.

"Everything, right on the money," he said. "It's just so exciting to see it. It reminds me of what a good time I had. I'm so blessed by this evening."

Philippians 4:4 "Rejoice in the Lord always: again, I will say, rejoice."

WATCH: Dick Van Dyke Heartwarming Response To Mary Poppins Dance Routine

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