Hymn Books And Bibles Miraculously Survive Church Fire

bibles survive church fire

As 100-year-old St. John's Methodist Church in California went up in flames, the hymn books and bibles survive the church fire.

God gives, God takes, and God also protects. And this story is truly miraculous. The hymn books and bibles miraculously survive a church fire.

Though we know God is the God of miracles, sometimes we forget or stop believing that he is still making miracles happen today. In this instance, it was a fire at a church.

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A 100-year-old church caught fire, and no one knows the cause just yet. Investigators suspect arson and we are all aware we have an enemy out there who will do anything to instill hopelessness and fear. But the members of the St. John's Methodist Church in California refused to let this fire bring them down even though it broke their hearts.

One church member Georgetta Blunt said she received a text that her beloved house of worship was on fire, "I just froze," she said. It took more than 70 firefighters to put out the flames.

When the congregation gathered after the fire, Georgetta and her church family dug deep into their faith and decided to hold services in the parking lot the very next morning. Despite the fire, they praised the Lord for what they did have. They thanked God no one was hurt and they praised God that the church building was still standing.

Miracle In The Rubble

Later, they learned they had more to be thankful for; a miraculous discovery found in the ashes comes hope. All the hymn books and Bibles survived the church fire. Not one of them burned. Talk about the supernatural power of God, right?

This church will rebuild from the ashes because God is for them, so who can be against them? Even though it will take months to rebuild, the church will continue to hold services in the parking lot and they don't mind one bit. They have a physical reminder that God will protect us through the fire and through the flames.

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"When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. For I am the LORD, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;" Isaiah 43:2-3

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