Woman Borrowed a Prom Dress from a Neighbor and Discovers It’s Shocking Worth Years Later

borrowed prom dress

Twelve years after the big event, a young woman learned that her borrowed 8th-grade prom dress was actually a vintage designer gown by a star of Hollywood fashion!

Balmain, Marc Jacobs, Harris Reid, Tamara Ralph, Richard Quinn, Danielle Frankel, Maison Margiela, Alexander McQueen, Versace, Vera Wang, and a slew of other big-name designers and fashion houses were seen on the recent garden-themed MET Gala red carpet. However, before all of these, there was Bob Mackie!

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Prom is a Time For Glitz and Glam

In decades past, Mr. Mackie created clothing for Elton John, Cher, Carol Burnett, Whitney Houston, Marilyn Monroe, Diana Ross, and others. Recently, Zendaya and Miley Cyrus have worn Bob Mackie gowns. This is precisely how Ms. Stephanie Dovale knew that her bizarre discovery was so incredible.

Proms are big days. They're often a girl's first opportunity to really dress up, which is not something girls do often in our casual culture. So, 8th-grade, junior, and senior proms are occasions for glitz and glam, fake nails, and high heels. Unfortunately, those "looks" come at high prices.

Now a Miami, Florida art educator, Stephanie Dovale attended her 8th-grade prom a dozen years ago. Fortunately for her, she has a resourceful and fashion-savvy mom. Stephanie explained to Newsweek how her mother had found the perfect dress for the evening. "My mom, dad, and I are first-generation Cuban immigrants. We are not wealthy or rich by any means, and yet my mom has always found a way or connection to be able to dress my sister and I to look like a million bucks,” she said.

Stephanie Got To Borrow a Designer Dress For Prom

Stephanie shared that her mom was working as a nurse's assistant at a hospital at the time. She'd become friends with a Salvadorian co-worker whom she'd described as "petite, elegant, sweet, and extremely humble." According to Stephanie's mother, her co-worker was married to a wealthy man who spoiled her with lavish gifts in keeping with her tastes for designer items. She had a closet full of well-maintained designer bags, shoes, and accessories. She suggested that Stephanie borrow one of her dresses to wear for the prom.

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That night came and went. Only recently did Stephanie learn the truth about the black and gold sequined dress she'd worn. While searching online for a maxi dress to wear for a special occasion, Stephanie ran across one that looked familiar.

It Was the Same Dress

The color and cut of the dress reminded her of the one she'd worn years earlier. Stephanie stated, “I frantically opened up Facebook to compare and make sure. Sure enough, it was the exact dress. I freaked out when I made the connection. I had only become familiar with Bob Mackie recently when I learned he was one of Cher’s main designers and was behind Miley Cyrus’ dress for her Grammys performance this year."

Stephanie shared on TikTok the shock and surprise of discovering that she'd unknowingly worn a vintage Bob Mackie dress, now valued at $4,500, to an 8th-grade dance! Mom and daughter never knew that the dress lent to them by that sweet and extremely humble friend was a designer gown. Stephanie doesn't remember it ever being mentioned!

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