Woman Hears Herself Sing For The First Time In Years

godupdates 24-year-old musician's first time hearing

Imagine being able to hear again after going years without hearing. I am sure you would be so overwhelmed, just like when it was this 24-year-old musician’s first time hearing after so many years.

The day that Jekarra got her hearing aids, was the day her life completely changed. She lost her hearing while in the music studio when she was just 15 years old. Hearing in one ear was completely gone that day and as years went by, her other ear began to gradually fade away.

Even with being partially deaf, she still continued to use her musical talents. And I must say, her voice is so angelic. She sings so flawlessly it is as if she has no problem with hearing at all. Many people were delighted by her beautiful singing voice. She made a ton of YouTube videos of her singing over the years. And everyone was able to hear how amazing her voice sounds, well, everyone except for her.

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Jekarra got used to the muffled, faint sounds, and not being able to hear the full quality of her own voice. She got used to having to turn the television up extremely loud. And she learned to deal with the frustrations of having to say "huh" too many times to count when she was in a conversation with someone.

But all of that changed the moment she first got her hearing aids. As soon as her hearing aids were activated, Jekarra's face completely lit up. She had the brightest smile on her face. "I said I was not going to cry today", she said as emotions filled her heart in the same way crystal clear sound filled her ears. She can hear everything! It has been so long since she was able to hear clearly. She did not realize how great of an impact her hearing aids would make until she got them. The talented musician can hear everything and most meaningfully, she can finally hear herself.

She begins to sing, Rise Up by Andra Day, a song that has been such an encouragement to Jekarra in moments of discouragement. And as soon as she sung her first note, she was able to hear the pleasant range of her voice that everyone else has been hearing all these years. She sounded so amazing as she sung in perfect pitch and flawlessly hit every note of the song. She could not even reach the chorus without bursting into tears again. It meant everything to her to be able to hear clearly after all these years. Who else was in tears?

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Credit: Facebook/Jekarra Gaines

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