Little Boy Singing To Baby Brother With Down Syndrome Has Hearts Bursting All Over

boy singing to baby brother rayce powell

This little boy singing to his baby brother with Down Syndrome is enough to melt any heart. But the inspiring story behind their brotherly bond will have your heart positively bursting!

6-year-old Rayce Powell knows his baby brother, Tripp, is a miracle. But after a heartwarming video of the boy singing to his baby brother went viral, now the whole world knows it, too!

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The Powell family is from Arkansas. And the love they share for each other has caught the attention of folks far and wide.

When their youngest member, Tripp Powell, was born with Down Syndrome, he had to spend some time in the Intensive Care Unit. And the sweet boy had already had to fight so hard to get here.

“They [doctors] recommended we terminate the pregnancy,” Tripp’s father, JJ Grieves, explained. “And I said absolutely not.”

Tripp’s parents knew what a blessing he was. But they worried how their other 2 sons might respond to their brother’s Down Syndrome diagnosis.

“I didn’t want our boys to be ashamed of him,” mom Nicole Powell said. “Because he’s still their little brother regardless of what he has.”

But based on a video that Nicole shared on Facebook of 6-year-old Rayce Powell singing to his baby brother, there was no need to worry! Tripp’s brothers had no trouble accepting him just as he is.

WATCH: Boy Singing To His Baby Brother With Down Syndrome

When JJ and Nicole explained to the boys about their baby brother’s Down Syndrome diagnosis, Rayce had the best reaction.

“Aren’t we all a little different?” he asked.

The whole family, including Rayce, would visit Tripp every day at the hospital until he was ready to come home. And the bond between the siblings was strong.

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One day, Nicole filmed Rayce singing the words of 10,000 Hours by country duo Dan + Shay to his little brother.

"I’d spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more

Oh, if that’s what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours

And I might never get there, but I’m gonna try

If it’s ten thousand hours or the rest of my life

I’m gonna love you"

The proud mom couldn’t couldn’t resist sharing the sweet moment online.

“This is how Rayce bonds with Tripp,” she said. “He sings to him all the time. He swears this song is about him and his brother.”

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And, of course, the heartwarming video of this sweet boy singing to his baby brother went viral in no time!

WATCH: Arkansas Brothers Go Viral With Heartwarming Video

These precious boys are setting a wonderful example for all of us on how to look past differences and love each other for just the way God made us!

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