Boyfriend Gets Father’s Blessing 3 Days Before He Passes Away And Then Proposes

father's blessing

Knowing a father’s blessing is an important part of a marriage proposal, one thoughtful young man made sure to get it from his girlfriend’s sick dad before he passed away. What a special moment!

Wedding ceremonies are usually brimming with emotion, with people shedding tears as they watch people vow to remain together through the good and the bad. However, the young man must pop the question before the bride can pick out her dress and walk down the aisle.

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A video posted on TikTok shows when a man asked his significant other if she wanted to get hitched. The man used an audio recording of the to-be bride's late father as part of the proposal. And it’s sure to bring on the tears!

A Father’s Blessing

The clip begins with the man and woman sitting on a porch looking at a television. Seconds into the video, the audio recording of the woman's father, who had just died a few days prior, begins playing on the TV.

"Son, you've got my permission, as much as I can give it to you in the short time I have left on this earth," the man said. "I know you love Emily, and I know you'll take care of her. God bless you, and you have my blessing, son."

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About halfway through the recording, the young man gets down on one knee. Meanwhile, his soon-to-be-fiancée, who has been moved to tears, watches the clip. After hearing her father’s blessing, she turns and comes face-to-face with the young man ready to ask the question.

In a low, calm tone, the man tells her he knew how much it meant to her for him to get her father's blessing. He asks and she is overwhelmed, unable to speak, only able to get out "Yes, yes."

After the initial shock subsides, the young woman wants to know: "How'd you get that?"

What a sweet and touching move on that young man's part. May those two have all the happiness in the world.

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Genesis 2:24 "Therefore a man will leave his father and his mother, and will join with his wife, and they will be one flesh."

WATCH: Late Father’s Blessing Included In Proposal

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