Bride Moves Wedding To Hospital To Have Dying Mom By Her Side And 1 Day Later, She’s Gone

bride moves wedding

After realizing her sick mom didn’t have much longer to live, a bride moves her wedding to the hospital chapel to make sure her mother can be by her side.

Elizabeth Basoski wasn’t planning on having her wedding at a hospital.

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But when faced with the choice of having the wedding she’d originally planned or having her mother by her side, the decision was easy.

Bride Moves Wedding For Sick Mom

Some heartbreaking news came just weeks before Elizabeth — or Liz as her friends call her — was set to marry her fiance, Ivo.

Liz’s mom, Magda, landed in the hospital. And doctors estimated the sick woman to have very little time left on this earth. This left Liz, who lives in Australia, with a difficult choice. Either the bride moves her wedding date and location or leaves it as is knowing her mom likely wouldn’t live long enough to attend.

For the devoted daughter, the choice was simple. She was prepared to move Heaven and Earth if it meant having her mom by her side.

So, Liv and Ivo set to work in a race against time. The groom and bride managed to move their wedding date up. They were also able to relocate the ceremony to the chapel in the hospital caring for Liz’s mom.

One Last Celebration Together

It’s not easy for a groom and bride to move their wedding at the last minute. But given the circumstances, Liz and Ivo received a ton of support.

The wedding vendors worked together to honor the couple’s change of plans. And Ariana Photography was on hand to capture stunning images of the tender, heartrending moments.

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The day came together beautifully. Magda may have been confined to a hospital bed, but she still got to experience all of her daughter’s big day. Liz got dressed and ready in her mom’s hospital room.

Then, Magda’s hospital bed was wheeled into the chapel so she could watch the lovely ceremony.

The very next night, Magda went to be with the Lord. But not before celebrating her daughter’s wedding day.

Though the event wasn’t exactly how Liz and Ivo had originally planned, it was still the wedding of Liz’s dreams because she had her mother by her side.

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“My flesh and my heart fails, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26

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