Rock Legend Carlos Santana Tells Story Of How Jesus Saved Him After He Tried To End It All

carlos santana story

The Carlos Santana story shows the testimony of a talented musician who thought about ending it all but turned to Jesus during his darkest moments.

Carlos Santana is a 10-time Grammy-award winning musician who has had incredible success with his career. But he has also experienced many traumatic events throughout his life including being molested as a child, a heartbreaking divorce, and suicidal thoughts.

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Growing up in Mexico in a small seaside town called Autlán de Navarro, Carlos had his parents and his six brothers and sisters. But during his childhood, his father left their family to be with another woman. When Carlos was a little older, his family moved to San Francisco. This is when he started learning how to play the guitar.

By using his new musical talents to become a club musician, Carlos Santana was able to help support his family. But while he got more involved in the music scene during the 1960s, he started to fill his life with drugs and alcohol.

Then in the 1970s, Carlos and his new wife, Deborah, looked for a spiritual guru to fill a void in their lives and they ended up joining a cult. By 1981, they decided to leave that life behind them.

Carlos Santana Story Of Him Finding Jesus

Once the early 90s hit, Carlos Santana had put his faith in Jesus and decided to get baptized. Yet, years later, Carlos and his wife of 34 years ended up getting a divorce and it absolutely crushed him.

"It got to the point where I really thought that death would be sweeter than pain," Carlos shared. "But then I would look at a picture of Jesus and say, ‘Help me,' and then, very clearly, inwardly, I would hear this one voice that's softer and louder than all the others. And it would say, ‘I am sitting next to you. Isn't that enough?' Once I heard that voice, something would shift, and I'd be able to find joy again."

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Carlos Santana has since remarried, and his faith is now stronger than ever. Despite all the struggles that he has gone through, Carlos knows that God has been with him through all the mountains and valleys of life. He knows that the Lord has great plans for him. And he will continue to put his faith and trust in Him.

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