Chip And Joanna Gaines’ Home Features A Broken Clock And The Story Behind It Is Pretty Cool

chip and joanna gaines home

Chip and Joanna Gaines' home style is one that is incredibly popular and a favorite of many. Because of their hit show Fixer Upper, viewers were able to see first-hand their décor style as well as getting glimpses into their family life and home. But one thing fans of the Gaines may not know is why they have a broken clock hanging in their living room.

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In an interview for the Today Show, Joanna Gaines gives Jenna Bush Hager a home tour of their stunning renovated farmhouse in Waco, Texas. While she is pointing out all of the sweet touches in the home and the items that have a special meaning to her, Joanna shares the story of the oversized clock that is hanging in their living room.

"This old clock - one of my favorite pieces in the house," Joanna says. "Any time I'm home with the kids, time kinda stands still. I feel like always remembering just what a gift time is."

Joanna Gaines Shares Tips On How To Decorate Your Home

Most of Joanna's style is simple, yet functional. But she shows that putting things around your home that hold a special meaning for you and your family is what makes a home warm and inviting. It is what makes a space tell a story as well as feeling like a safe and cozy space for your loved ones to relax in.

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Although Chip and Joanna will not be making any more episodes of Fixer Upper, they will be launching their own network later this year! And if it is anything else like what the pair have done in the past, we know that it will be amazing!

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