Christian Singer Olivia Lane Was An Atheist Until She Saw Jesus In Her Living Room

christian singer olivia lane testimony

Christian singer Olivia Lane Guyton shares her testimony of the moment she went from being an atheist to a Christ follower. It happened when she saw Jesus Christ in her living room. And this is one incredibly powerful story!

Unfortunately, according to recent surveys and polls, the amount of people who do not believe in the existence of God is growing. For whatever reason, these people are convinced that God does not exist. But God does exist, is most certainly real, and desires a close, personal relationship with everyone.

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At one point, Olivia Lane Guyton considered herself as an atheist. She had convinced herself that the God of the universe, who had created and formed her, was not real. But that is no longer the case.

How Christian Singer Olivia Lane Found Christ

In a video posted on Instagram, Olivia talks about her transformation from an atheist to a believer in Christ.

She mentions that she would often wake up every morning and state that if God were actually real and did exist, He would find some way to show her. Olivia was looking for undisputed truth, evidence in support of the existence of God.

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While she may not have been a believer, she reached out, saying that if God was real, she was looking for Him to do something in her life. She wanted Him "to blow up her life" because "she needed it."

On April 29, 2018, Christian singer Olivia Lane says she got proof of God's existence. She was sitting in her living room reading a book, "Walking with God” by John Eldridge, that her therapist had recommended.

She said the book offered her a look at a personal relationship with the Lord. It was something that she had never seen or offered up until that point.

While reading the book, particularly the sentence, "We are a world at war," tears began to stream down her face. She added that she also sensed a presence in the room and then that's when she noticed something odd.

"And so, I looked up into the window, into this beautiful blue-sky day, and I saw a shadow silhouette of Jesus with his arms outstretched," she said.

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Hebrews 3:12 "My brothers, take care that there is not by chance in any one of you an evil heart without belief, turning away from the living God."

WATCH: Christian Singer Olivia Lane’s Testimony

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