Little Kid’s Response to Coming Home After a Long Day of School Is So Hilariously Relatable

kid's hilarious response after coming home after a long day

One kid made it hilariously and abundantly clear, repeatedly stating that he had come home after a long day and that he was not in the mood for razzing or teasing of any kind.

The Bible and Jesus Christ never promised that life would be an easy, pleasant experience. In fact, life is often the exact opposite. Tasks and entire days can be stressful and overwhelming. Some days can get so bad that it impacts our mood, putting us in a sour frame of mind. When it gets to this point, unfortunately, we often take it out on others, lashing out verbally.

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Jude, a 4-year-old preschooler, knows all about bad days, as a video posted on TikTok hilariously shows. He was not in the mood to be bothered, and he let his parents know loud and clear how he felt.

The laugh-out-loud clip begins with the child responding to a question or request by stating his feelings and informing his mother and father about his day.

"Do you hear me?" Jude asks. "I am not, I'm cranky. I'm tired. I worked hard at school. OK?"

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His father, according to Upworthy, responds by asking his son whether this means he should leave him alone and refrain from messing with him tonight.

"So, what, you don't want me to mess with you tonight?" Jude's father asks.

Sometimes It’s Hard Being A Preschooler

Jude responds by reiterating how awful of a day he had experienced, which is the reason for his less-than-pleasant mood.

"No, I'm cranky. I'm tired," Jude says as he begins to turn and walk away from the camera.

But then, seconds later, Jude seems to have changed his mind slightly. His father once again asks him a question.

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"You're not going to wrestle here in a little bit?" his dad asks.

"Well, maybe," Jude responds.

Later in the video, a female, Jude's mother, mentions to the agitated young man that she cannot understand why he's in such a foul mood.

"I worked hard at school," Jude tells his mom.

His mother states that "she worked hard at work, but I'm not as cranky as you."

Sometimes it's hard to be a preschooler, and not everyone seems to understand that fact!

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"A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry."Proverbs 17:22

WATCH: 4-Year-Old Preschooler Explains He’s Had A Rough Day


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