Dads Do Cheer Routine With Their Daughters And It’s Hilarious

dads do cheer routine UGA Dance Dawgs

As the UGA Dance Dawgs dads do a cheer routine with their daughters, the crowd is cracking up. What a special moment for these daddy-daughter duos!

People always say that when a man has a daughter, his heart completely changes. They share a special bond that can't quite be described but there is definitely a love that knows no bounds.

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From the moment of her birth, a father is tasked with loving and protecting their sweet girl. As time goes on, he becomes her biggest supporter and ‘cheerleader.'

Well, that came to life in a whole new way when these UGA Dance Dawg dads came together to perform with their daughters!

It was such an incredible sight to see these duos on the court for an unforgettable halftime performance.

UAG Dance Dawgs Perform Special Routine

These dads were definitely excited to show off their moves. And rightly so!

It must've taken a lot of time and practice to pull something like this off. But as the dads did the cheer routine alongside their daughters, every single one of them had the biggest smile.

And I'm not the only one that is impressed. The crowd loved every second, too!

Over half a million people have watched these cheer dads take over the arena. It's obvious that these men are having so much fun and I'm sure that the crowd cheering is loving it even more as loud as they can.

There was so much fun and personality in this number that you just cannot help but smile.

It's so special to see these fathers support their cheerleaders in this unique way. There's a whole lot of love on that court and it absolutely warms my heart to watch.

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WATCH: Dads Do Cheer Routine With Daughters

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