A Baby Capybara ‘Dancing’ to Thriller Is the Dose of Frivolous Fun Every Day Needs

dancing capybara thriller

Footage of a ‘dancing capybara’ set to Michael Jackson’s song, Thriller, took the world by storm. And this adorable dose of fun represents everything right with the internet!

Sometimes, it can feel like the internet and social media are completely saturated with negativity and lurking dangers. But there’s another side to the digital world that isn’t all bad.

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From acts of kindness to feel-good stories — humorous memes and adorable animals — there are times when a simple click can provide your day with a much-needed boost of morale. I mean, there is a whole scientific study about how watching cute cat videos is actually good for you!

Well, get ready to add dancing capybara to the internet’s list of wholesome achievements. Because this eight-second clip made my day!

A Word About Capybaras

A capybara is a rodent. In fact, it’s actually the world’s largest rodent, similar in size to a dog. I know that’s going to make some people’s skin crawl, but stay with me! Capybaras have a friendly, laid-back attitude and their resting “chill” face pretty much says, “hey, let’s be friends.”

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If you ask me, they’re adorable. (And if you don’t find them cute, well practically the whole internet agrees with me on this one, so there!)

Confession time. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but even as an avid animal lover, I spent most of my life unfamiliar with the majestic animal that is the capybara. I didn’t discover this little treasure until my daughter (8 at the time) started excitedly telling me about the awesome “Cathy Barras” video she had seen. (Side note, it was not the dancing capybara video. That gem would come later.)

I immediately interrupted my daughter to ask the obvious question — who in the world is Cathy Barras? Turns out, my sweet child was actually saying capybaras. And since then, we’ve been actively trying to figure out how to make one of these precious creatures part of our family. (I’m kidding…well, only partly.)

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So, when the clip of a “dancing capybara” hit my feed, it stole the show. What show? All the shows. I don’t care what you’re offering, THIS is what I want to watch. On repeat.

Dancing Capybara Goes Viral

In an eight-second video posted by the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami, a baby capybara named Eve is just living her best life, going for a morning dip. Cameras rolled as she traipsed along through the shallow water.

The footage of Eve was adorable all on its own. But then someone at ZWF came up with a genius idea that took the already high aww factor to the next level. They paired Michael Jackson’s song Thriller with the creature’s steps, and the dancing capybara was born!

WATCH: Viral Video Of Capybara ‘Dancing’ To Thriller

As the adorable, baby capybara creeps through the water, the iconic tune of Thriller matches up perfectly, almost as if this moment was always meant to be.

Why does a dancing capybara cause so much joy? Some things simply defy logic. And if finding joy in a dancing capybara is wrong, well, I don’t want to be right.

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I am, of course, perhaps being a little over the top. After all, the true source of our joy comes from God. But a cheerful heart is good medicine (Proverbs 17:22). So I’d say the eight seconds of cheer this video provides is not time wasted.

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h/t & Featured Image Credit: Youtube/ZWF Miami