Teen Is Shocked As Trusted Pet Dog Suddenly Nips Him in the Night, but Then He Smells Smoke

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A teen named Griffin awoke early in the morning as his dog nipped him repeatedly. However, the reason for the pup’s odd behavior soon became evident. And now, both Griffin and his mom can’t stop thanking their fur angel!

Our pets are truly a blessing from God. Not only do they provide us with companionship and unconditional love, but our animals can even act as our furry protectors.

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There are countless stories of man’s best friend stepping in to save humans. And that’s exactly what happened on New Year’s Eve between a dog named Macho and his teenage brother, Griffin.

Dog Nipped Sleeping Teen

Single mom Nicole Evans was out of town when the incident occurred. Her teenage son, Griffin, was in his room sleeping at 5:30 am when Macho started behaving very strangely. The dog nipped at Griffin repeatedly, refusing to leave him alone.

“He just kept going at him,” Nicole described. “And then he just gave him a nip, a couple of them, and woke him up.”

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The behavior was completely unusual for, Macho, who is typically very laid back. But Macho sensed a danger Griffin didn’t. And the devoted dog knew that what was happening was anything but typical.

A fire had broken out inside the home, the cause of which is still under investigation. Griffin, sound asleep, had no idea until the dog nipped awake. And that’s when the teen realized the dog’s persistence wasn’t “aggression,” but rather urgency as he knew waking his owner was a matter of life and death. Macho managed to wake Griffin to escape the raging house fire just in the nick of time.

“As soon as he turned around, there was just no doubt he had to go. He had to go quickly,” Nicole recalled.

What Remains

The fire completely destroyed Nicole Evans’ home. And finding out about the disaster while out of town was a nightmare for the single mom.

“It was probably the worst experience of my life to not be with the person you love the most while something’s happening to them that you can’t do something about,” Nicole explained.

However, while she lost nearly everything she owns, it’s what survived the fire that’s most important to Nicole.

“All those things are just things, and some of those things do matter. They do, but in the end, it’s all replaceable,” she said. “He’s not replaceable, my dog is not replaceable, and I wouldn’t have wanted it to have resulted in anything other than this.”

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Meanwhile, Nicole won’t face this difficult time alone. From the moment news of the fire spread, support began pouring in for Nicole, Griffin, and Macho. Neighbors are helping the family get back on their feet and a GoFundMe account is allowing friends and strangers alike to provide support as well.

God certainly blessed this family when He brought them Macho!

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