Dog Gets Really Excited When The School Bus Comes To Pick Him Up

godupdates doggie school bus

It's time for school and Rudy could not be more excited. His doggie school bus is here to pick him up and he is ready to start his day.

The doggy school bus comes to the owner's house to pick up the dogs and take them around for a day full of fun activities. No wonder why Rudy is so full of excitment. School means to play all day for him!

Rudy was in his backyard when he heard the sound of his doggie school bus. He stopped dead in his tracks, and his owner asked him, "What's that? Is that your school bus?". Ruby got a burst of excitement.

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He immediately knew what it was and darted into the house to go down the stairs and to the front door. Every day when he hears the sound of his school bus approaching, he quickly runs to the front door. Most children do not like school. But not Rudy! Rudy loves school and cannot wait for when it is time for his bus to stop.

His owner rushed closely behind him because she knew he was so anxious to get outside. He is wagging his tail and barking for her to hurry. He was filled with so much anticipation.

Rudy knows that he is in for a very good day and he cannot wait to start his day. The bus was stopped right in front of his house waiting for him. Since Rudy was so happy, he ran so fast to get on the bus. You can hear the other dogs on the school bus barking as if they are saying "Hey!" to their classmate as he gets on the bus. They are all in for a ton of fun! Who else would love to drive that bus?

WATCH: Doggie School Bus Picks Up Excited Dog

Credit: Facebook/Doggie School Bus Inc.

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