Danger Came Prowling But Family Dog Chased Off Burglar And Saved Special Needs Son

dog chased off burglar from house in california

One animal in southern California is a hero after its actions kept an armed would-be burglar from breaking into a house and possibly injuring a child with special needs.

Animals are remarkable creatures designed by the same God who created the universe and all that it includes. Those furry, four-legged friends only want to be cared for and loved. Animals, dogs especially, are fiercely loyal, dependable and loving to those who care for them.

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One animal, a dog named Ebony, displayed his loyalty and love when he defended his Bakersfield, California, home from a would-be burglar. The suspect who attempted to gain entry into the house was also found to have a gun in his possession, according to WPDE.

Video of the incident shows the man in question, a 38-year-old convicted felon, ringing the house's doorbell. The homeowner, Quincy Sloan, said the only person home at the time was his son with special needs.

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The suspect's nefarious intentions were thwarted thanks to Ebony.

"And now my special needs son is the one who's home," Quincy said. "We have two dogs. They start barking immediately. And he thinks it's just a package, so he opens the door. Dog runs out. He dipped around by our garage. The dog basically, you know, makes eye contact and attacks him."

Following the meeting with Ebony, the suspect ran into a neighbor's garage. It was at this point the 38-year-old suspect encountered the neighbor. Gunfire was exchanged, according to Fox 54.

Ebony Knew What To Do, The Dog Went Into “Defense Mode”

At some point during the exchange of gunfire, the suspect was struck and later transported to the hospital.

Quincy mentioned that Ebony, a family member, went right into "defense mode" during the encounter with the armed suspect.

"Our dog felt like it was family," Quincy said. "So then, when that perpetrator came through, he knew that was danger. Our dog went right into defense mode."

Understandably, the Sloan family is dealing with the shock of the situation. While such an incident would frighten any family, Quincy says he and his family are less rattled for one furry, four-legged reason.

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"We're a lot more confident because our dog basically saved our son," Quincy said.

"And God created great whales, and every living creature that moves, which the water brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good." – Genesis 1:21

WATCH: Dog, Ebony, Stops Would-Be Burglar & Protects Child With Special Needs

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