Man Leaves Bag In Taxi And When It Starts Moving, Taxi Driver Uncovers A Dog With A Note

dog left in taxi with set of instructions

One taxi driver in a South American country made a startling discovery after a passenger left the vehicle without paying the fare.

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Dagoberto Rojas Buitrago is a taxi driver in Bogotá, Columbia. As such, Dagoberto is used to shuttling people around, getting them from Point A to Point B. So, when he picked up a male passenger last year who was carrying a black bag and wanted to be dropped off at a mall, Dagoberto didn't think much of it, according to The Dodo.

However, little did Dagoberto know that this ride would result in him expanding his family.

The outlet reports that along the way the mall, Dagoberto and his passenger had a friendly conversation, nothing out of the ordinary. But then something weird happened.

Dagoberto came up to the mall, and his male passenger mentioned that he did not have a way to pay for the ride. But the passenger proposed a solution. He would run out to a nearby ATM, grab some cash and return to pay his debt.

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While the man was out supposedly acquiring the money to pay for the ride, Dagoberto noticed the man's bag. It started moving, Dagobert recalls.

A little hesitant at first, Dagoberto eventually built up the courage to peek inside the bag the man left behind.

"I opened the zipper and saw a dog and a note," he said.

The Dog Came With a Note, Complete With A Set Of Instructions

The note with the animal actually came with a set of instructions. It mentioned when the animal goes on walks, eats and how to clean the pup.

After making the discovery of the dog and the note, it then became a waiting game. Dagoberto and the animal waited for the man to return, but that did not happen.

"I waited for about an hour, and then I knew for sure that he was abandoned," Dagoberto said.

Several hours later, the Columbian taxi driver took the abandoned animal home with him. Not only did the dog get a new home, but he also got a new name.

"We didn't have pets at home, so I thought, ‘Well, I'll adopt him!'" Dagoberto said. "We named him Toby Taxista."

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The Dodo reports that after a year since the animal's abandonment, Dagoberto and Toby Taxista are closer than ever.

"He knows I get home around 10 p.m., and he waits for me to get home," Dagoberto said. "I open the door, and he's already there."

"An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel."Proverbs 12:10

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