Cat Convinces Owner She’s Hurt Her Paw but the Instant She’s in the House, the Truth Is Revealed

cat fakes hurt paw to get back indoors

One brainy animal knows how to give an Oscar-worthy performance in order to get her attention and ultimately back in the house.

Animals are much more intelligent than what many people want to believe or think. Anyone who has ever had one of those four-legged and furry friends understands they will get what they want, one way or another. Felines, dogs and other animals will do what they must to survive. Animals pick up on ways to obtain food, shelter and attention quickly.

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A clip posted on Facebook shows the creative and ingenious way a brilliant feline managed to get back into her owner's house. The short, 30-second video begins with the clever cat sitting outside on a deck, peering into the house.

It's obvious this animal badly desires to get back inside where it's cool and comfortable. In addition to looking into the window, the animal appears to be slightly injured. The cat sits with its right front paw raised, slightly off the ground.

The woman holding the camera asks the cat about its condition, checking to make sure the cat is uninjured.

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"Something wrong with your paw, Susan?" the woman asks.

And then right on cue, almost as if the cat knew what the woman asked, the cat limps forward. The cat keeps its paw raised off the ground.

Cat Put On A Hilarious, Award-Worthy Performance

Both people behind the camera start laughing at the cat's performance. It is trying to sell the injury, hoping pity will be shown on her, and she'll be let back inside the house.

The woman again asks the cat about her paw, and the animal raises its paw even higher.

Finally, the door opens, and the cat limps its way to the door, but once it gets inside, something odd happens with the animal. The animal's paw is magically healed the second it's back indoors.

The cat put on an award-worthy performance for sure!

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"An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel."Proverbs 12:10

WATCH: Cat Puts On Hilarious Performance

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