Owners Dump ‘Gloriously Gluttonous’ Kitty but Shelter Finds Chubby Fat Cat a Home in No Time

chubby fat cat patches

Patches, a chubby fat cat turned over to Richmond Animal Care and Control is what the shelter described as “gloriously gluttonous.” And finding this sweet kitty a new, loving home was no trouble at all!

When Patches arrived at Richmond Animal Care and Control, it was love at first sight. There was a lot of love about the not-so-little fella, all 42 pounds of him. Patches’ owners could no longer care for him. And the shelter feared no one would be willing to put in the effort and love the chubby fat cat needed to get down to a healthy weight.

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But God has a way of matching up purrfect parents with the perfect furball!

The Internet Falls In Love With Patches

Kay Ford first laid eyes on Patches when her daughter sent her a Facebook post about this gluttonous guy. The cheeky post read, "Did you wake up today and say, ‘Let's adopt the largest cat anyone has ever seen?' If so, we have the cat for you." Kay was instantly in love and got a good chuckle out of the rest of the post, which read, "Until then, we will marvel at his gloriously gluttonous body!"

The Facebook post went viral. Potential parents for Patches were calling as far as California and Maine. With so many people wanting to give this chubby fat cat a home, his care team had some hard decisions to make. That is until Kay put in her application for Patches.

Kay’s reasons for giving Patches a forever won over the team. She was on a health journey of her own too. She needed to get healthy and thought she and Patches could do it together.

Robin Young, an employee of the Richmond Animal Care and Control team, loved Kay's email:

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“We loved Kay's email describing how she would help Patches on his weight loss journey, and they would both lose weight together. She was also an experienced pet owner ready for the challenge."

Chubby Fat Cat Finds The Purrfect Home

Patches has been home with Kay for a while, and it's been a blessing for both Kay and the chubby furball. She says it takes a bit of prodding to get him to exercise, but it's worth it.

Kay also found out the reason why her new larger-than-life cat got so big was because the previous owners gave him lots of treats. At the moment, he is gobbling up all the love she gives him instead of food. In fact, she has to make sure he is eating.

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"He is not a voracious eater, so for now, I'm just making sure that he is, in fact, eating," she said.

What a beautiful reminder we are made in God's image. We often don't think we have the same emotions and characteristics as our Creator does. Just as God is Master over us, we are masters over our pets. If we can care so much over our favorite critters, then we can marvel at his love for us.

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"God said, ‘Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may be masters over all the wild animals and creatures upon the earth.'" Genesis 1:26

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Richmond Animal Care and Control