Mom Bringing A Cat Home Even Though She’s Allergic Is Fulfilling A ‘Dying’ Wish

bringing a cat home

Even though she is allergic, one mother is bringing a cat home to fulfill a lifelong dream of hers.

As an adult, Elizabeth Scallion developed an allergy to cats. But that did not stop her from going to her local humane society and picking out a new special friend to take home with her! "I love them so much and haven't had a cat in years," she explains. "So, it's time. I'll just take medication for it."

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"She's not dying, but she said it was her dying wish to have a cat," said Sarah Eby, one of Elizabeth's daughters that went to the shelter with her to pick out her new pet. "She's allergic, but she loves them and always wanted one, so we are here to get a cat for her."

The Humane Society of Washington County put on a special Valentine's Day feline adoption event to encourage people to adopt the cats at the shelter. They called it the "Meet Your Purrfect Match" Speed Dating event.

"Cats make wonderful additions to your homes," said Rebecca Moore, the HSWC community engagement supervisor. "They are wonderful companions and they are also very low maintenance. We have quite the variety of cat personalities here available for adoption and have more than enough to go around."

Mom With Cat Allergies Is Bringing A Cat Home From Shelter

At the Valentine's Day event, the humane society created a great environment for a good adoption outcome. They had red decorations everywhere and even set up a kissing booth. Cats of all different shapes, sizes, ages, and colors were ready to mingle around and find their perfect human mate!

"It's incredibly important to have a good match," said Moore. "We always do our absolute best to ensure our animals go home with the appropriate people match. We encourage our adopters to take out the cats they are interested in, interact with them, get to know them. Don't rush the process, take your good old time and find the one that's just right for you."

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Elizabeth is sure to have found her perfect feline match and the two of them can find comfort and companionship in each other, sniffles and all!


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