Fluffy Cat Becomes The Best Of Friends With Colorful Fish

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Sometimes the most unlikely animals make the best of friends. And these unlikely buddies formed an unlikely friendship and it is the sweetest thing.

A fluffy, and a very friendly cat named Timo became the best of friends with a Koi Fish. And it is a friendship you would least expect. Most cats like to eat fish and they are too afraid to get close to the water. But not Timo. Timo likes to sit by the fish pond to get as close to his friend as he can.

His friend the Koi Fish would swim right by him and will allow for Timo to pet him. He is sitting close enough to touch his friend when he swims by and is sitting far enough to not accidentally fall in. It is so sweet how he formed such a rare friendship.

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Timo is even friends with the other fish in the pond. I have never seen anything like that. Timo is sitting so calmly by the water and is enjoying his visit with his swimming buddies. Their friendship is so sweet. I have never seen a cat get along with a fish until now. Who says that a kitty cannot be friends with a fish?

WATCH: A Cat and a Koi Fish Form An Unlikely Friendship

Credit: Rumble/Xiedubbel

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