Man Delivering Lunch to Shelter Never Expected to Fall in Love, but That’s Exactly What Happened

delivering lunch

Alan Moncayo, a 51-year-old Grubhub driver, walked into the Fairfax County Animal Shelter in Lorton, VA, delivering lunch to a manager who worked there. It was then he saw the sweetest thing.

Alan, with his 5-year-old daughter Sabrina, saw a dog in the front window. “It was love at first sight. He looked at me, and I looked back at him,” Alan told People.

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Meeting the Dog

Sabrina also had eyes for a dog. “My daughter’s been asking me for a puppy for the longest time,” Alan said. “She wanted a dog so bad.”

Alan asked if he could meet the dog, a 65lb black and white pit bull mix named Jihoo. Sabrina and Alan played with him and hit it off right away. Who could have guessed that delivering lunch would lead to this?

The Adoption Bowl Event

The Fairfax County Animal Shelter had an “Adoption Bowl Event” for large dogs over 45 lbs as it was Super Bowl weekend. Fees would be waived, so it was the perfect time for Alan and Sabrina to adopt a dog. Jihoo was one of 20 dogs adopted that weekend.

The average length of stay at the shelter is 24 days. Jihoo has been there for 240 days after his previous owners surrendered him.

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A Special Adoption

Rachel Cavedon, Communications Manager at the shelter, stated, “His adoption is just so special. Bringing people and pets together is really the core of our mission - there’s so much love and joy in adopting a pet.”

There definitely is a lot of joy in adopting a pet. Especially if the pet is in need of a loving home. Finding the right fit is essential.

The entire community loved Jihoo. According to Rachel, “He would go on hikes, he’d go visit different parks, he loved playing with any and all squeaky toys. He even spent the day at our front desk greeting visitors - and that was the best day ever, because he was so wonderful with everyone who walked in. He would jump up on the counter and wag his tail. He was just perfect.”

Fantastic Timing

What fantastic timing when Alan walked through the door to deliver lunch and ended up with a new family member. The timing couldn’t be more ideal.

Alan brought Jihoo home with a new crate, leash, toys, and food. “He’s so gentle, loving,” Alan said. “He fits so perfectly in our family. We love him so much, it’s such a blessing to our hearts.

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WATCH: The Sweet Dog That Was Adopted Because His Owner Was Delivering Lunch

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Fairfax County Animal Shelter