Farmer Who Feeds the Needy Sobs Over Her Destroyed Garden, Then Strangers Step In

someone vandalizes woman's garden, strangers step up

One woman had her philanthropic efforts so cruelly and needlessly destroyed, but then she experienced an unexpected wave of kindness from total strangers.

The world can be a sad, dangerous and heartbreaking place where people inflict pain on one another for seemingly no reason. Unfortunately, this is a fact that one woman knows all too well.

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Carly Burd is on a mission to feed those in need. The woman, who lives in England, is using her garden to provide food to "those on benefits, pensioners on state pension" and "those on a low income," according to GoFundMe. She is hoping to use her green thumb to help others weather the cost of living crisis in the country.

Through her efforts, Carly, in a video posted to TikTok, says she's fed more than 1,600 people. However, in that same video, Carly tearfully reported that someone had cruelly damaged all the crops she had spent hours planting and cultivating.

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"I'm absolutely heartbroken," she said. "Someone's jumped over in the night and put salt all over the land. That means everything I've planted, planted won't grow. And I can't replant on it because it won't grow."

The Vandalism Destroyed ‘Hours and Hours and Hours Of Work’ In The Garden

She also mentions that "all the hours and hours and hours of work that we've put in, is now dead."

Yes, people can be downright awful to each other. It can be baffling how mean and vicious some are capable of being. But Carly, who was on the receiving end of a devastating act of cruelty, was also shown stunning kindness.

Strangers responded to Carly's devastating situation in a major way on GoFundMe. Originally, Carly had set a goal of raising £4,000 for A Meal on Me with Love. However, following the vandalism of her garden, many donated to the GoFundMe page, which now stands at more than £246,000, according to Insider.

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In a follow-up video, Carly thanked everyone for their generosity.

"Thank you so much for the donations, bless ya," she said. "It really does mean a lot."

Another video shows Carly and a team of people working in the garden, using farm equipment, working on the land that was vandalized.

"In all things, I was an example to you of how, in your lives, you are to give help to the feeble, and keep in memory the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘There is a greater blessing in giving than in getting." – Acts 20:35.

WATCH: Woman Explains Devastating Act of Vandalism


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