Strangers Step In When Teacher Cannot Afford To Pay For Groceries

Teacher Cannot Afford Groceries

The popular hidden camera TV show ‘What Would You Do‘ explores what happens when a struggling teacher cannot afford groceries because she’s footing the bill for supplies for her classroom. And the real-life reactions from strangers is truly touching.

What Would You Do‘ is a television show featuring hidden cameras and hosted by John Quinones. Each episode focuses on putting strangers in difficult situations and then recording how they react.

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You never know how someone will respond from episode to episode. Sometimes, there is anger while other times you will find yourself wiping away a tear. Real-life events inspire most of the episodes. And that's exactly what is happening on today's show.

Teachers Who Pay For Classroom Supplies

We all know that teachers are truly underappreciated. They do so much to help develop our children, even purchase their own classroom supplies.

Research shows that 94 percent of teachers spend their own money to buy supplies for the classroom. In this particular episode, an actress is posing as a teacher. She's at the grocery store buying food for herself and school supplies for her class. But the machine declines her credit card when she hands t over to the cashier.

When faced with the difficult decision of buying food for her or supplies for the class, the teacher chooses the children.

This powerful episode shows how strangers react when they overhear this encounter while waiting in line at the store. One by one, these customers come to the aid of the teacher and offer words of support. And when they find out that they are being filmed for a television show, everyone continues to show support for our teachers and sing their praises. What would you have done in this situation?

WATCH: Struggling Teacher Cannot Afford Groceries


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