10+ DIY Camper Renovation Ideas Turn Your Backyard into A Guest Suite

DIY camper renovation

Move over granny pods and she-sheds, I’m renovating that camper sitting in my backyard! I love the idea of having a camper renovation turned into a cool office, she-shed or separate guest quarters or in my backyard that folks would be fighting to stay in. (Heck, I may even list mine on Airbnb and make some money off my newly updated cozy space!)

So what comes to mind when someone says RV? If you pictured dated, musty and basic then hold the phone, because these are not your Grandpa’s campers! Glamping (glamour camping) is what’s all the rage in outdoor adventuring. And folks are bringing their design A-games to the old neglected trailer in the backyard. This latest trend in DIY follows in the footsteps of the tiny house craze and puts everything you need to live in luxury on 4 wheels.

We have compiled some amazingly impressive transformations, along with tons of tutorials and ideas that you can bring into your own mobile haven.

These spaces are so gorgeous, folks are using them for more than just vacations. If you are in need of more space at home, consider this option instead of building a permanent addition. These campers have all the conveniences of the main house and may be perfectly suited for houseguests or college students on break. You might even find yourself sneaking away for some solitude!

The best part is that these renovations get rid of traditional cookie-cutter designs and finishes and make each RV completely unique. We’re pretty sure there are a lot of “vintage” RVs out there that could use a little love. With one of these in your driveway, who needs tents and hotels?

10+ DIY Camper Renovation Ideas

1) DIY Camper Renovation Stunners

These mind-blowing and inspirational finished projects have tons of style and personality.

Look how gorgeous and tranquil this pop-up camper is after a coat of paint, change of flooring and pops of a soft blue-green in the bedding and kitchen accessories.

credit: popupprincess

This vintage camper renovation turned a dark and dated blur into a sleek, clean and bright space that’s cheerful, sleek and airy. It looks so much bigger, doesn’t it?

But if modern isn’t your thing, check out these next few rustic stunners!

Complete with an American flag and an industrial tool shed, this vintage camper has been transformed into a woodland lodge.

allcreated - camper renovations

credit: TrendXYZ

This vintage camper renovation makes it look just perfect nestled in its backyard setting. With cheery pops of red florals and polka dots mixed in with plaid flannel, this camper looks like it’d be an amazingly cozy retreat or guest cottage.

It even has a small wood stove so it could be used into the colder months!

credit: decoor.net

This chic trailer uses a simple black and white color palate and brings in whimsical patterns, textures, and a fun lighting fixture to make this budget renovation look high-end.

allcreated - camper renovations

credit: TrendXYZ

2) DIY Camper Bedroom Makeover

From cabinets and laminate surfaces to glass inserts, paint saves the day! Look at this incredible bedroom makeover by Must Have Moms!

allcreated - camper renovations

credit: Must Have Moms

WATCH: How To Paint Tricky Camper Surfaces

3) Update Camper Flooring

One of the things that can instantly update the look of your camper is replacing the laminate or carpet with a wood-look flooring. Learn how to get rid of that old vinyl and replace with gorgeous, moisture-resistant engineered hardwoods or a waterproof inexpensive vinyl plank!

4) DIY Camper Kitchens

Camper kitchens are compact to fit into the tiny footprint inside the camper. But a quick coat of paint can go a long way to making the area look clean and bright. Adhesive backsplash products and swapping out the hardware are other quick fixes.

Look how cute All Things with Purpose‘s kitchen reno is! Their camper, Gidget, looks so fresh after some paint on her kitchen cabinets.

credit: allthingswithpurpose

Mountain Modern Life documented their complete renovation, including an explanation of how they made their custom oak countertop out of hardwood floor planks.

WATCH: DIY Butcher Block Counters Using Flooring

5) Update the Vintage Camper’s Exterior

Before you begin the interior, be sure to protect all the work your doing on the inside by making sure the outside is ship-shape. First check for leaks and re-seal windows, doors, and siding. Wheeled and Free tackled their antique beauty and had to keep testing for water leaks to make sure they’d found them all.

allcreated - camper renovations

credit: Wheeled and Free (And here’s how their kitchen area turned out inside!)

camper renovation

Then visit Home Depot to learn how to get creative with a new exterior paint job. Classy Clutter went with a timeless paint job that makes the camper look brand new!

You can add details like a vintage screen door to add a little character. Check out his red door with all the fancy trim-work!

Check out this creative way to hide the AC unit outside!

credit: rvcamping

Here’s another example of how a simple coat of paint can really make the exterior shine!

credit: whippycake.com

8) DIY Fixes for the Camper Bedding

Taking advantage of all available space is key to making sure your camper offers all the ammenities of home.

Follow these instructions to build a sleeper sofa that maximizes space and sleeping capacity.

For like-new cushions, start with cleaning those foam inserts and then re-cover the cushions in a coordinating fabric. Nurse Barb used a plain old painter’s tarp for a clean and super budget-friendly transformation.

allcreated - camper renovations

credit: Nurse Barb

9) DIY Camper Renovation Adds Tiny House Storage Solutions

Tight spaces call for clever storage solutions. Freshouz has an exhaustive list, including these built-in drawers that save the day.

allcreated - camper renovations

credit: Freshouz

And this Farmhouse chic open shelving with baskets would make Chip and Joanna Gaines proud!

10) More Budget-Friendly Vintage Camper Renovation Ideas

Big changes don’t have to mean big spending. Manage the budget by considering peel and stick products like vinyl floor planks, tile panels and these faux marble countertops covered with contact paper.

With all of these ideas and how-tos, imagine what you could do with your camper renovation. Life on the road will never be the same!

credit featured image: whippycake.com

h/t: All Created

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