Dog Finds Grave Of Beloved Late “Grandma” All On His Own Thanks To Their Special Bond

dog finds grave

In this heartwarming animal short story, a dog finds the grave belonging to his beloved “grandma” all on his own, despite never having been to it before. And his owner is attributing it all to the sweet bond this sweet bond had with the woman!

Our canine friends demonstrate loyalty and affection, but is it possible for a dog to find the grave of a recently lost loved one without any visible clues? One TikToker says that her best buddy did that very thing!

Dog Finds The Right Grave With No Help

TikToker Soraya (@sorayalikemariah) lost her mother to cancer not long ago. She recently made her first trip to the cemetery since her mother's passing and burial, and she brought along her dog.

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Her pup had bonded with Soraya's mother-a little like kids connect with their grandparents. However, even Soraya was surprised by what she observed during their visit.

Soraya's video text described what happened when she and her pup entered the cemetery. Soraya asked the dog, "Where's Grandma?" and allowed him to roam wherever he wanted. Dog and Grandma often played a similar hiding game during walks to the park.

Soon, it seemed he was headed in a particular direction, stopping to look back and make sure Soraya followed his lead. And even though there was no one around, it seemed like Soraya's sweet dog was responding to a voice. Soraya wrote, "he kept hearing someone calling him and wanted me to follow him."

Soraya captured the moment when her dog finds the unmarked grave. He goes to the very spot where his "grandma" rests. Without a grave marker or tombstone, he was able to find his loved one in the middle of a largely open field.

Careful not to jump on top of the burial spot, the dog just jumped over it. He frolicked and rolled around for several minutes, clearly excited to be near Soraya's mother again. He was delighted, and Soraya was amazed!

So, is it possible that Soraya's pup actually knew where Grandma was laid to rest? Or did the dog find the grave as an odd coincidence?

Dogs And Grief

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs do show signs of grieving when a loved one dies. It may appear as anxiety or stress, resulting in behaviors such as panting, whining, pacing, and/or fidgeting. Or, they may show physical symptoms like weight loss, loss of appetite, lack of energy, or clinginess.

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Certainly, if Soraya's dog were mourning her mother, he would also be happy to be near her. But, did he know that he was?

Dogs possess extraordinary senses, but Dr. Mary Burch, director of the AKC Family Dog Program, says they also possess a sixth sense. Dogs seem to have "gut" feelings, and they trust those feelings more often than humans do. They have been known to sense impending death and disaster; perhaps they can sense the spirit of someone who is no longer living as well.

It's impossible to know if Soraya's dog was feeling the presence of his beloved grandma because of his incredible sense of smell or because of some supernatural sense or at all. Commenters had many differing views on the matter. While some wholeheartedly trusted Soraya and her pooch, others called it all complete poppycock.

Certified dog trainer and behavior consultant Russell Hartstein stated to the AKC, "The most interesting part of the science of dog behavior and understanding is that we simply don't know so much."

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What we do know is that God has a way of providing comfort to His children when we mourn. So, perhaps He simply chose to use Soraya's furry friend to do just that!

"Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn." Romans 12:15

WATCH: Dog Finds Grave Of Beloved Late "Grandma" On His Own

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