Bystander Hits Record On Dog ‘Singing’ Karaoke, And The Internet Falls In Love

dog singing karaoke

You're in for a howling good tune as a bystander hits record on a dog ‘singing' karaoke, and the internet falls in love.

Nothing could be paw-sibly more adorable than a rescue dog named Sammy, who was born for the spotlight. While many of us would faint from stage fright, Sammy felt right at home. Surrounded by fellow humans and four-legged friends, Sammy saunters up to the stage with his mom.

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He stands by the gate with ears perked in the air and passion in his eyes as his mom prepares to sing a staple favorite at Club K9 dog park in Louisville, Kentucky. As the first few words of ‘Hello' by Adelle are sung, the dog starts singing along karaoke style with off-keyed howls.

Dog SingIng Karaoke Is A Crowd Pleaser

Sammy howls and howls between each chord. At one point, another dog couldn't help but join in, too. He continues to raise the woof in the karaoke spotlight for the duration of the song. He really seems to be at home on the stage by the way he tilts his head to sing and keeps his focus on his singing partner.

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Some rescue dogs tend to be shy and scared of the public. Apparently, Sammy, an eight-year-old pitbull mix, didn't get the memo. This sweet dog channels all of his feelings into singing Karaoke for a tail-riffic performance that was so good a stranger captured him on camera. The video quickly went viral with more than 73,000 views, melting hearts.

I suspect this sweet pooch has a future in show business. His adoptive mom thinks so, too. She created his own channel on TikTok with a bio line of ‘Sammy The Singing Pup.' That pretty much sums up his future.

Maybe Sammy can start his own singing telegram company with staples like ‘Yappy Birthday,' or ‘Fleas Be My Valentine,' and "Deck The Halls with Frisbees and bal-lies." With Sammy, the possibilities are endless. The soulful noise he makes is a reminder of what a blessing our furry, four-legged friends are to us.

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"Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all you lands. Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing." Psalms 100:1-2

WATCH: Internet Falls In Love With Dog Singing Karaoke

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