Guide Dog Owners Marry After Their Dogs Fall In Love

When Venice Met Rodd

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for a love story. But two love stories in one? Even better!

It all started when Venice met Rodd.

These two guide dogs met when their owners brought them to a 2-week training course. The pups locked eyes and instantly fell in love!

The two dogs played and nuzzled throughout the training. Venice's owner, Claire, had the following to say:

"Our dogs were the class[ic] love story. Everyone used to joke about how Mark’s dog, Rodd, and my dog, Venice, were meant to be together.”

When the class finally came to an end, Claire and Mark couldn't bear to break up the happy pair. And so, they began scheduling regular play dates for the pooches. While the pups played, the couple chatted.

Soon they weren't just meeting for play dates. They started enjoying coffee together, and then eventually dinners. As it turns out, the romance in the air was not limited to just Venice and Rodd!

Claire and Mark's relationship continued to grow deeper until Mark finally asked Claire to marry him on Valentine's Day. And she happily said "yes!"

A beautiful wedding took place, and the happy foursome set out to live happily ever after.

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h/t: Mirror

Featured Image Credit: The Guide Dogs For The Blind Association