Blogger’s Mother’s Day Tribute To Those Struggling To Become A Mom

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‘To My Friend Who Is Dreading Mother’s Day’

Desiree Fortin is no stranger to the heartache of infertility. She spent countless days sobbing on her bathroom floor, following another negative pregnancy test or failed fertility treatment. So, her heart goes out to the women still in that place — the ones who are dreading Mother’s Day as it approaches.

God finally answered Desiree’s prayers for a child in the most amazing way.

After a long journey of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Desiree and her husband, Ryan, were delighted to hear they were having twins. To see two, strong heartbeats where for so long there’d been none was truly a blessing.

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Then it got better.

As the ultrasound continued, the doctor made a startling discovery — a third heartbeat. The couple was having triplets!

Desiree took to blogging about her own infertility experience, in the hopes it will bring hope and joy to others in the midst of their own journey.

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And whenever Mother’s Day rolls around, Desiree can’t help but remember the heartache and disappointment she endured along the road to becoming mom to three miracle babies. Her heart goes out to women in similar circumstances. And her beautiful post is a celebration of the brave women still fighting for the title of mom.

Desiree writes on her blog:

“To My Friend who is Dreading Mother's Day,

This Mother's Day, I celebrate YOU.

I know this is a hard day. I know you are dreading it. I know it can be agonizing and painful. I know your heart hurts — it hurts on a lot of days, but on this day, it especially hurts. I know this day is just a reminder that your womb is barren and longing to be fruitful. Trust me, I know. I know that Mom's every where are celebrated and you're desperate to relish in a role so special and honorary. I know over the years you have formed a special place in your heart for your baby who has not yet come.

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Friend, this Mother's Day I celebrate YOU. I celebrate you because you are strong and brave. I celebrate you for not losing hope. I celebrate you because you are a Mama and we are just waiting on the Lord to work out every little detail. I celebrate you because fertility treatments suck and those bruises on your bottom from daily hormone shots remind you that your womb is not full. I know you are exhausted emotionally, physically, and mentally.

My friend, I know.

I celebrate you because the scar on your tummy represents someone who you didn't get to snuggle with for very long because he was welcomed into Heaven's gates sooner than what you imagined. I know you're grieving, Mama. I celebrate you because it takes a lot of bravery and a lot of strength to bury your baby. My heart breaks for your loss, Mama. On that day when your baby went to Heaven, I know it was heart wrenching-the ugly cry kind of heart wrenching. And even though you can't snuggle your angel baby, you are still a Mom.

Mama, I celebrate you because even though your baby left your womb far too early in pregnancy, you are still a Mama. I know you were dreaming of her and planning every little detail of life as a Mommy. I know you think of her and what she would have looked like. I know this season may feel lonely. And I know that this Mother's Day is hard.

Mama, I want you to know that you are not forgotten.

Mama, I am sorry the adoption process is taking forever and that it is such an emotional roller coaster. I celebrate you because you are patient and adoptions takes a special kind of Mother's heart. I celebrate you because you have hope and you are an inspiration to so many.

Mama, I celebrate you because you take in kids that need a home until they find their forever home. I celebrate you because being a foster parent is not an easy job. I celebrate you because you show an unconditional kind love to children who so desperately need it.

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Mama, I celebrate you because even though you haven't actually given birth you are a Mom to many. You have a Mother's heart and although your body didn't stretch as a baby grew inside, you are still a Mama.

Friend, on this Mother's Day, I celebrate you!

I know it is a hard day. I know you just want it to be over. But I hope on this Mother's day this, you will know that someone somewhere is thinking of you and celebrating the strength and bravery in you. It is okay to cry, Mama. You are not alone and although it is sometimes hard for us to fully understand the Lord in all His ways, I trust in the details of the story He has made for you. I celebrate who you are. You are inspiring, strong, beautiful, and full of bravery. My friend dreading this Mother's Day, even though your journey hasn't turned out how you hoped or imagined it would be, you are a Mama and this Mother's Day, you are not forgotten!


I once was you.

Be sure to keep up with Desiree and her three precious miracles by checking out Desiree’s blog, Our Journey To Parenthood, and her Facebook page, The Fortin Trio.

And please share this story as encouragement with anyone you know who may be dreading Mother’s Day.

If you’d like to see how Desiree and her husband, Ryan, surprised their family with the news they were having triples, you can watch the incredible reveal below!

WATCH: Couple surprises family with triplet reveal

Credit: Desiree Fortin

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