Bell-Trained Dog Starts Frantically Ringing Bell When She Sees Family of Bears in Swimming Pool

family of bears in swimming pool

Imagine looking outside to see a family of bears in your swimming pool having the time of their lives. This family saw just that - a mom and her two cubs harmlessly splashing away in the water. The bears looked like they were having way too much fun for the family's dog not to feel a little left out.

Tiffany Kress decided to train her dog, Daisy, to ring a little bell to let them know when she needed to go outside. The bell sat by their door on the floor so that Daisy could easily paw at it whenever necessary.

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People have used this clever trick so pets could communicate with their humans when they needed to go potty outdoors. So this is nothing new, but what Daisy uses the bell for? Well, that's a little bit more unique.

Bell-Trained Dog Sends Up The Alarm

As Daisy frantically rang the bell, Tiffany came over and looked out their door to see a bear family hanging out in her pool. The fuzzy creatures were harmlessly enjoying the cool water so Tiffany and Daisy safely watch from inside the house.

Because she'd never seen something quite like this, Tiffany started recording her pup repeatedly ring the bell and showed the bears enjoying their pool day. The two cubs even started playing with each other.

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Poor little Daisy just wanted to go out and play along! Her little whines and ruffs were so cute and pitiful. She's just like, "Mommmmm, please let me out to play! I want to have fun too!"

Obviously, Tiffany kept her pooch inside because something told her the bears wouldn't be as excited to play with Daisy.

You can see the adorable little cubs jump around the pool as if playing a game of tag or even wrestling. Not far off from what human children would do outside!

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God created the planet for all of His children and creatures to share. Bless Tiffany and her family for letting the bears enjoy their pool time and finding joy in the little things.

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