Rescuers Worked Tirelessly And Finally Saved A Toddler Who Fell Into A Well

crews in Thailand rescue toddler from well

A team of rescue workers in one Asian country came together to save a toddler.

It took a team of first responders in Thailand nearly an entire day to successfully free a 19-month-old girl who had become stuck in a dry well shaft, according to People. The child was removed from the nearly 50-foot well shaft after 18 hours!

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The stunning rescue, in early February, started after the child's two immigrant parents from Myanmar were working in a field in northern Thailand. Prior to their work, the parents placed the baby under a tree in a nearby field, according to the BBC.

Things then took a scary turn. During a break, the parents no longer saw their child and began searching for the toddler. Cries from the child led the parents to a dry well shaft, where the child had fallen in and was stuck.

Crews arrived at the scene and began working tirelessly to extricate the child from the hole. Crews fed oxygen down to the child as they dug furiously to get the little girl out.

Crews Free The Toddler After Working For 18 Hours

Then, after 18 hours of work, the child was finally free!

A video posted to YouTube shows crews carrying the child up a hill on a stretcher after she's freed from the well.

“We are so glad we could rescue her safely. We have been trying since yesterday afternoon. We worked without sleep. Everyone helped out," rescue worker Chanachart Wancharernrung said, according to the BBC.

After her miraculous rescue, crews transported the child to the hospital. It was unclear if the little one had suffered any injuries.

A local police chief did mention the toddler was showing signs of fatigue. That official also added that her vital signs appeared to be good.

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Praise God! He protected and saved the little girl’s life by sending that team of heroes her way!

"But Jesus said, ‘Let the little ones come to me, and do not keep them away; for of such is the kingdom of heaven."Matthew 19:14

WATCH: Crews Rescue Toddler After She Fell Into A Well Shaft

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h/t: People, BBC

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