2 Cousins Share First Hug Since Quarantine And Their Emotional Reaction Is Going Viral

first hug since quarantine

Two young cousins, Hucky Collins and Rozzie Arnett, are sharing their first hug since the COVID-19 quarantine began. And the emotional video shows just how powerful something as simple as a hug can be!

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic and quarantine forced all of us to reevaluate things.

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Suddenly, the privilege to leave our homes, to go to church, to visit the people we love — so many parts of our “normal” life disappeared. We started realizing just how many blessings we take for granted each day.

And soon, something as simple as a hug didn’t feel so simple any more. And that’s exactly why a viral video of two cousins sharing a hug for the first time since quarantine is so powerful.

Emotional Moment 2 Cousins Reunite After Quarantine

In Kentucky, COVID-19 isolation orders kept Hucky Collins and Rozzie Arnett apart. Before that, their parents say these two cousins were inseparable.

As weeks stretched into months, the two kept asking when they would get to see each other again. And finally, the time for their beautiful reunion arrived.

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Thankfully, mom Amber Collins thought to catch the heartwarming moment on camera. And when the video of the cousins sharing their first hug since quarantine made it online, it quickly went viral!

“We didn't know how much this was really affecting our kids until this happened,” she wrote on social media.

It’s adorable as Hucky and Rozzie joyously inch closer and closer to each other. And as soon as their parents give permission, the children abandon all restraint and hug each other fiercely!

The long-awaited embrace quickly goes from giggles and smiles to deep sobs of joy. And it pretty much sums up how much we all miss connecting with one another in-person.

WATCH: 2 Cousins Share First Hug Since Quarantine

If there was ever any doubt, the pandemic has proven just how much humans need connection. It’s the way God designed us.

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So if you’re a hugger, once it is safe and you are able, get out there and hug like you’ve never hugged before!

“It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him” Genesis 2:18

h/t & Featured Image: Facebook/Amber Collins