Strangers Flood Girl With Cards For Her Fourth Birthday After She Suffers Tragic Loss

fourth birthday

Strangers flood a little girl with cards for her fourth birthday after she suffers a tragic loss.

2020 and the beginning of 2021 have been rough enough with the pandemic, social distancing, political and social unrest, and job loss. But imagine being a little girl in the midst of the New Year missing someone who passed away.

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Lilly Sedlak was heartbroken when her dad, Brandon, died of unexpected medical complications. Tragically, four mere weeks later, she also lost her godfather. It's a lot for anyone to handle, but especially a young child.

After suffering such tragic losses, her mom wanted her first birthday without her dad and godfather to be special. Her mom knew she couldn't erase the suffering, but she could make her daughter’s birthday memorable. Since Lilly loves getting mail, Dororthy turned to their community for help.

“She’s always loved the mail. Her grandmother would take her to get the mail, and she just loves to do it. She’s a little helper. She just loves to do everything for everyone," her mom said. So she posted on Facebook a plea for help.

Fourth Birthday For Girl Who Lost Dad And Godfather Sees Flood Of Cards

“Lillian LOVES mail. She loves the mailman, she loves getting the mail from the mailbox & she LOVES when there is mail for HER,” she wrote in the post. “I am reaching out to ask if anyone would be willing to mail her a birthday card, drawing, or letter. She does not need gifts but she really loves to open cards and letters and look at the pretty pictures.”

Dorothy also added that Lilly’s “favorite color is violet, she loves unicorns and all things magical as well as flowers & animals of all kinds especially if they are cute!” The community did not disappoint. At one point, Lilly had 75 cards in the mailbox. On a different day, she had 85 cards in her mailbox.

It's amazing how something so trivial and small like sending a card can actually be love in action to show others they matter. What an incredible story of hope in the midst of tragedy.

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"He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds [healing their pain and comforting their sorrow]." Psalm 147:3

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