Francesca Battistelli & Husband Say Urgent Prayer As Grapefruit-Sized Cyst Threatens Pregnancy

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In a recent Instagram post, Christian artist Francesca Battistelli updated her fans on some scary news with an ending that could only come from God. The singer woke up at 10 weeks pregnant in excruciating pain to learn that she had a condition that the doctors said required surgery. But after praying, Francesca Battistelli and husband just didn’t have peace about the operation. And that’s when God stepped in with a miracle.

Francesca Battistelli Family

This is not the first pregnancy for Francesca and her husband, drummer Matthew Goodwin. The couple has four children at home; Matthew Elijah, Audrey Jane, Isaac James and Wyatt Samuel.

Francesca’s Fifth Baby

But while pregnant with this fifth baby, she learned she had a cyst that had grown to the size of a grapefruit and it had twisted the ovary, ‘cutting off the blood supply and causing the intense pain.’ Her doctor warned that these cysts didn’t go away on their own. And while he hated to operate while Francesca was pregnant, he was concerned that the cyst would continue to grow, and that it would twist again. Her doctor shared, “It would have to be a miracle” for her to avoid surgery.

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Francesca Battistelli Husband

After receiving the troubling news, Francesca and her husband decided to wait and weigh their options. They wanted to pray over the situation.

Francesca shared, “We talked and prayed and prayed and talked. I asked so many dear friends for prayer for wisdom and for the cyst to disappear. After praying it through, we just didn't have peace about doing the surgery now. We believed God could heal me!”

The two had faith that surgery was not going to be the answer at this time.

After a few days, my faith-filled hubby looked at me and said, "your belly looks smaller. That cyst is shrinking."


Francesca Battistelli Baby Ultrasound Miracle

When the couple went for their follow-up ultrasound, the moment of truth was at hand. Francesca shared, “The sweet tech said, "we will take a look at that cyst while we're here," and Matt said, "you won't find it. It's gone. We've been praying."”

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After the ultrasound technician updated them on the general details, height, weight, etc. she measured a small circular thing she could see in the frame. The tech then reported that the cyst had shrunk. “It’s not even a cyst anymore. It’s gone!”

At that point, Francesca Battistelli and husband, plus everyone in the room praised God and thanked Jesus!

“He did a miracle in my body, ad this sweet tech (who is pregnant with her first baby) got to witness it!” Francesca said. She added, ” My faith has been so strengthened by this, and I pray yours is too”

Praise God for this miracle! How wonderful it is to see this family of faith share their testimony of how very good our God is!

Francesca Battistelli Albums and Songs

Francesca’s Instagram post had so many comments from fans saying how inspired they were by this post. The singer is no stranger, of course, to inspiring others and supporting them in their faith. Her albums and songs are such a comfort to many. Francesca’s albums include, If We’re Honest, Hundred More Years, My Paper Heart and Own It. Her debut album, Just a Breath, was released in 2004.

The American singer born in 1985 in New York City was nominated for a Grammy in 2009 with ‘Free to Be Me.’ She began her career in the Florida-based all-girl band, Bella when she was only 15 years old.

Some of her most popular songs include: Beautiful Beautiful, Write Your Story, He Knows My Name, The Breakup Song, Holy Spirit and Free to Be Me. (And the artist still has a few Francesca Battistelli tour dates scheduled before baby number five makes his/her arrival!)

Here are a few of Francesca’s worship songs to inspire you and lift you up today! It would seem impossible not to feel closer to God as you let her beautiful music wash over you!

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