Woman Awoke On Train And Realized A Stranger Had Eavesdropped

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Ella Johannessen was having a rough time. After a tearful call to her mom from the train, she fell asleep. Next, the girl woke up to find money in her lap!

Ella recently graduated from Leeds Beckett University in the UK. But come her final year, she wanted to devote all of her time and attention to her studies. And so, the 23-year-old student quit her part-time job.

The good news is that the decision allowed her to graduate. The bad news is she fell into debt.

On this particular day, Ella was trying to track down money transferred to her account that seemed to have gone missing. Anyone who’s ever lived paycheck to paycheck knows just how stressful that can be.

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But it wasn’t just the money that had her on edge. The previous 18 months had been tough. In addition to the pressure of school and finances, she lost her father and both grandparents.

With her finances a mess, the stressed young lady called her mom as she boarded a train. She just needed to vent to a someone who would understand.

“I spoke to her about how little money I had, how worried I was about my finances and I got upset,” Ella said.

After the emotional call, Ella fell asleep for the rest of the train ride. And she awoke to quite an unexpected blessing!

Girl Woke Up To Find Money

When Ella woke up, there was something in her lap that wasn’t there before — a napkin. And underneath the napkin was £100, which more than covered the deficit in her account.

Clearly, a kind stranger was eavesdropping as she poured her woes out to her mom. And the Good Samaritan wanted to help. The compassionate gesture meant so much to Ella.

“It showed me that there is kindness and good people in the world. I will pass your kindness on,” she wrote.

And with no proper way to thank the stranger, Ella hopes her post on social media will somehow reach them.

“I would like to tell the person that they are a fantastic human being and it has really lifted my spirits and massively helped me out.”

You never know when the Spirit is going to move you to do something for someone else. But this story is a wonderful reminder of just how much one small act of kindness can mean!

h/t: BBC

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