Good Samaritan Overhears Man Ask 11-Year-Old Girl If She’s Alone And Swoops In Just In Time

good samaritan saves girl from kidnapping

A Good Samaritan saves the day as two men attempt to abduct an 11-year-old girl off the street. Thank God this woman trusted her gut and acted!

We’ve all heard the saying, “If you see something, say something.” But it’s one of those things that is sometimes easier said than done. We can doubt our intuition when something seems off and often fear speaking up will cause embarrassment or conflict.

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Thankfully, however, a woman in southeast London trusted that still small voice when it suggested something was off about a man who approached a young girl on the street. And as a result, the Good Samaritan ends up saving the day!

Hero Shopper Senses Danger

The trouble started when the 11-year-old, alone, entered a shop on West Wickham High Street in London.

“I saw the girl come in first,” the shopkeeper later explained. “I’ve seen her before as she lives nearby, and two men I’ve not seen came in soon afterward.”

The shopkeeper says two men were watching the girl in the store.

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“The girl was looking around the shop for a few minutes and the men were keeping a close eye on her, watching what she was doing and maybe seeing if anyone was with her,” the store clerk recalled.

One of the men left the store just before the girl made a purchase. And CCTV footage reveals he waited outside the store on the corner.

After the 11-year-old girl left the shop, the man waiting outside approached her. But as he started talking to the young girl, a woman in a green dress passed by on her way to the store next door. As she did, she overheard the man asking the girl if she was alone. And this didn’t sit well with her!

The woman in the green dress could have easily dismissed the comment and gone about her day. She could have assumed the girl knew the man. Or that he was simply trying to help her. She could have convinced herself it wasn’t her place to meddle.

But instead, the Good Samaritan saves the day!

Good Samaritan Saves 11-Year-Old From Attempted Kidnapping

Just as the 11-year-old turns as though she’s going to leave with the man, the woman in the green dress comes rushing out of the store and intervenes. She took the girl into the store with her and called the police.

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Instead of turning a blind eye, this Good Samaritan acted when her gut told her something was wrong. God put her in the right place at the right time to stop something awful and she was obedient in following the call placed on her heart. Thanks to her, this 11-year-old girl is safe.

Authorities used the CCTV footage to release photos of the two men in the hopes of locating them for further investigation. And the girl’s shaken mother posted an alert for other parents.

“Please make sure your kids are safe,” she warned others. She continued, “Thank God for the lovely lady who saved my daughter from being taken. I cannot thank her enough.”

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Thank God the Good Samaritan had the courage to step in and save the day!

“Watch! Stand firm in the faith! Be courageous! Be strong!” 1 Corinthians 16:13

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