Grandma Gets Surprise Birthday Visit From Granddaughter And Her Reaction Is So Touching

grandma's birthday surprise

This grandma’s birthday surprise brings on the tears. After a year apart, Bonnie Pitman gets an unexpected visit from her son and granddaughter for her 75th birthday!

Grandparents all across the country have gotten vaccinated against COVID-19. And now, they are getting another important boost to their wellbeing — hugs from their grandchildren!

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And one grandma’s birthday surprise involved an impromptu visit from her granddaughter on her 75th birthday after a year apart.

The grandma's son, David Gelles, captured the heartwarming moment on video. Because there was so much love and joy in the moment, he posted it on Twitter.

His caption read, "My mom has been really sick and hasn't seen her grandchildren in over a year. On Wednesday my daughter and I flew to surprise her for her 75th birthday . . . sound on."

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And what happens next will bring a smile to your face and maybe a tear or two to your eyes as you watch the joy captured in this moment. Because let's be honest — nothing beats getting hugs from your grandkids.

Grandma’s Birthday Surprise

David said it had been more than a year since his mother had seen her granddaughter Franny. In fact, it had 14 months. So David and Franny came up with a plan for the grandma’s birthday surprise. They would fly home and pay an unannounced visit to his mom, Bonnie Pitman, on her 75th birthday!

You can tell by Grandma's reaction, she wasn't expecting to see Franny in person. She assumed like most grandparents, she might get a card, a phone call, and or maybe even a chance to talk on a Zoom call. But nothing beats the real thing!

So, it was no surprise when tears of joy flowed as Franny hugged her grandma after springing the birthday surprise. It must have been an out-of-body experience that was the biggest birthday blessing any grandparent could receive!

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In fact, the CDC says that love is currently the best medicine for isolated grandparents. If they've been vaccinated, they can hug their unvaccinated grandchildren! These vaccines are finally giving families a chance to get back to living life and a chance to start living again for the ones they love! Family truly is the best medicine!

"Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers." Proverbs 17:6

WATCH: Grandma’s Birthday Surprise Visit From Granddaughter

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