100-Year-Old Grandma Gets To See Family For 1st Time In A Year, Just In Time For Her Birthday

100-year-old grandma

A 100-year-old grandma beat the odds when she recovered from COVID-19, and she was able to celebrate this plus her milestone birthday at her nursing home with her family.

Irma Prevette lives in Wake Forest, North Carolina. She previously had gotten COVID-19 during an outbreak at her nursing facility but has since recovered and is now fully vaccinated. Because of this, Irma was able to gather with her large family to celebrate her 100th birthday! And this wonderful news could have made this adorable grandma jump for joy.

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"I just wanted to bust out and cry," she shared. "I hadn't seen them in ages."

And her family members felt the same way. "It's great. I hadn't seen her in so long," said William Blake, Irma's 80-year-old son.

"It's been over a year since we've been able to see grandma," said Irma's granddaughter, Michelle Ezzell. "Earlier, we could see her through the windows. But that's just not the same."

Twelve family members were able to gather on Irma's birthday to celebrate her turning 100. And what a sweet reunion for all that must have been!

100-Year-Old Grandma Reunites With Family For 1st Time In A Year

In total, Irma has 15 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren, and more than a dozen great-great-grandchildren. And her family says that there could be a few reasons as to why their beloved matriarch has made it to a century. They say that she has a great sense of humor, is tough, and eats well.

"I know she doesn't like salt on her food," shared Michelle Ezzell. "She loves to play bingo. She loves to watch ‘General Hospital,' and she loves word search puzzles. She loves those, so I guess that's the key to happiness."

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May God bless Irma and her loving family. And thank goodness they all were finally able to reunite!

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